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Last week we went into detail, gave you the 411, spilled the tea on the MVPs coming out of the PCS6: Americas Grand Finals who will go on to represent their country at the PUBG Nations Cup next month. Although we covered the four major nations representing the Americas at PNC, there is one player we have not yet talked about. He was the overall MVP of PCS6, the kill leader with a whopping 61 kills across the tournament (8 higher than the next best player), and he led his team to a first-place victory. The player we’re talking about is, of course, James Giezen, better known as TGLTN. Although he will be playing for Australia, which was not in the Americas region last time we checked, MVPs can come from anywhere, and when it comes to Aussie players, we mean anywhere. Australian players are some of the most widely dispersed PUBG esports players around the world (because they are really really good at PUBG down there). The MVP of the PCS6: APAC Grand Finals was also an Australian and will be joining TGLTN at PNC. Today we’re going to be digging a bit deeper into TGLTN, his performance, and his teammates both current, and future.

The one to beat can’t be beat.

The final day of PCS6 was named Soniqs Sunday by our PCS6 commentators, but they might as well have named the entire last two weeks of April after Soniqs as they were the team to beat. Going into the Grand Finals, the team we’ve come to expect take home 1st place had a rough go. They failed to place in the North American Regional Qualifiers, only making it into the Grand Finals with a 2nd place finish in the Last Chance Qualifiers. But after a slow opening day at the Grand Finals, Soniqs had an incredible first week giving them a lead too big for any other team to catch up to. This was in no small part due to the frankly insane performance TGLTN gave throughout PCS6. Beyond kills, TGLTN had the most headshots of any player, the most knocks, the most assists, dealt the most overall damage (13,311!), and had the longest survival time. He was only beaten by a handful of players in grenade kills, one of which was his own teammate. This deserves mentioning because as much as TGLTN led his team (and the whole tournament) in stats all around, his Soniqs teammates also outperformed. Two of them, Shrimzy and hwinn, will be joining USA’s MVP team at PNC. Just goes to show how powerful Soniqs’ lineup was.

Australia looks strong heading into PNC.

As we said, there is some scary good esports talent coming out of Australia (something in the water perhaps) and the Australian team is no doubt going to be one to watch when PNC kicks off in a few weeks. Not only will TGLTN be on the roster, but he will be joined by two other PCS6: Americas Grand Finalists: Luke12 from Shoot To Kill and Fludd from eUnited. Shoot To Kill is a veteran team of the North American PUBG scene and came in 2nd earlier this year at ESL Masters Americas Phase 1. They came in 7th at PCS6 but still have a good chance of making it to PGC later this year. Luke12 has played for STK most of his esports career and is an essential part of that team. He will undoubtedly bring his consistent play to PNC. Fludd comes from a similarly stacked team in eUnited, who came in 4th at PCS6 and 1st at ESL Masters Americas Phase 1 earlier in the year. Fludd’s teammate Kickstart will be playing in PNC for the USA, along with a few of TGLTN’s teammates. There will be a lot of cross-pollination going on at PNC where many of PCS6 America’s former teammates will face off against each other, some for the first time.

We need to mention one other player joining Australia’s roster, and that is Monty. Playing with all-Australian Team Bliss at PCS6 APAC Monty scored his country’s MVP spot securing him a place on Australia’s PNC team. Despite playing in a Grand Final on the other side of the world, Monty and TGLTN are veterans of Australia’s PUBG scene and have played together previously. Hopefully, this will assist in cooperation and collaboration between the two MVPs.

How does he do it?

The best, the brightest, the truly advanced players among us are often the most interesting. TGLTN is both a prime example of that theory and a key strike against it.  When you look at the sheer numbers, he often stands head and shoulders above the rest, not just in the Americas, but across Europe and Asia as well.  No one is arguing he isn’t one of PUBGs best players right now (except for maybe TGLTN himself), but he does come off as a surprisingly normal guy. He loves his coffee (he’s so chill he would probably fall asleep mid-match without it) and a good game of Wordle (who doesn’t). On the other hand, he’s never far away from his beloved rubber chicken and he believes there are more doors in the world than wheels so he could be a total maniac. Maybe that’s the beauty of a great player. You never quite know how they do it.

The PUBG Nations Cup begins June 16th in Thailand. Keep up with PUBG news to learn about the teams and players from around the world competing for their country.


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