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Aggression, thy name is Brazil. The biggest country in Latin America is being represented by two stars and a coach from A Creche, a team that blew everyone else out of the water at PUBG Continental Series 6’s Latin American Regional Playoff. A Creche’s Lucas “lfp1” Prado and Hailton “vhz” Junior are joined by 22 Esports’ Erick “Haven” Aguiar and YAHO’s Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro to round out Team Brazil. 

“Born ready,” sparkingg said on Twitter after the initial announcement of the Team Brazil roster. 

This is a completely new squad when compared to the PUBG Nations Cup Team Brazil from 2019. That team placed 13th, meaning the threshold for improvement is not high for vhz and company. 

A Creche earned a whopping 93 kills during that regional playoff. Their aggressive playstyle granted them a near 30 point lead over the next team in the standings, 22 Esports. 

A Creche’s 83-kill performance in the Grand Final, however, was not enough to earn these Brazilians any glory. This team ended up placing 13th, far behind their new teammate Haven’s team, 22 Esports, who placed 5th. 

A Creche may have had trouble when facing off against North America teams, but sparkingg may be able to add some guidance in that area. He placed first in the North American Regional Playoff alongside two Americans and one Canadian on YAHO. They would go on to place second in the Grand Final. 

Sparkingg landed 33 kills, with 30% of those shots hitting the opponents in the head, during the PCS6 Grand Final. He was just as important to his team as Nolan “Shinboi” Burdick, who earned 43 kills. Sparkingg’s damage output, which amounted to nearly 10,000 hit points, surely helped Shinboi reach that number. 

Team Brazil will be facing off against talent from all over the world so it will be paramount that sparkingg give his teammates some insight into the minds of players outside their region. Haven may also be able to help in this regard. 

Haven and the rest of his 22 Esports squad surprised everyone by earning a number of high placements during the opening matches of the PCS6 Grand Final, with every player on their team earning around 30 kills overall. That early acceleration helped 22 Esports land in fifth place at the conclusion of the tournament. Not bad for a tournament that was dominated by North American talent.

The careers of sparkingg, lfp1 and vhz stretch far beyond their time in PCS6. Each player has been competing in regional and international tournaments for years, paving their way to represent Brazil and this gathering of the greats. Sparkingg, who placed well during PCS4, PCS5 and the PUBG Global Invitational, will be pivotal in how well these Latin American representatives perform. 

Catch all four of these Brazilians and the rest of the PUBG Nations Cup action when the tournament kicks off on June 16th in Bangkok, Thailand. Watch all of the gunfights unfold on both YouTube and Twitch. 


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