Battleground Intelligence – ESL Masters Phase 2 Grand Final Week 1


by PUBG Esports

Battle royales are all about data and there is a lot to break down from the first week of the ESL Masters Phase 2 Grand Final. Kills, placements, circle percentages and knocks are just some of the data points we can use to see which teams are truly dominating on the battleground. 

eUnited is gaining points on two fronts, Soniqs are sneaking around the map and YAHO have been on an absolute killing spree so far. Here are the biggest data points from the first half of the ESL Masters Phase 2 Grand Final. 

eUnited excelled in placements and kills

After finishing first in the ESL Masters Phase 1 Grand Final earlier this year, eUnited are right back on top for Phase 2. This squad sits on the top of the leaderboard with the most placement points and the second highest amount of kills behind YAHO. 

Nearly half of eUnited’s kills have come from three matches. 42 of their 90 kills came from matches where they finished within the top three. This team also placed within the top three in six out of the weekend’s fifteen matches. This team is gaining points on both fronts, meaning that they are on the battleground longer than any other team throughout the first weekend. 

Even two dud games, where eUnited finished 15th and 16th, didn’t impact them much. That’s hard proof that this squad is firing on all cylinders. 

Soniqs staying alive through sneakery 

The undisputed best team in the Americas finds themselves 22 points away from first place. Soniqs have 21 fewer kills than eUnited, but are only one point behind the first place squad in terms of placement points. They’re staying alive, but they aren’t taking out other teams as often as they could be. 

Soniqs have placed high in the first half of the Grand Final. It’s a strategy that’s paid off for this team, even if they haven’t taken on – and won – as many gunfights as YAHO or eUnited. This current trajectory will need to change if Soniqs hope to finish higher than third – the placement they earned during ESL Masters Phase 1. 

YAHO is in the midst of a spree

YAHO is currently six points away from eUnited on the leaderboard. Coincidentally, YAHO also earned six more kills than eUnited in the first half of the Grand Final. This team has almost surpassed the 114 kills they earned throughout both weekends of the ESL Masters Phase 1 Grand Final. 

The Brazilian wonder Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro is continuing his form that we’ve come to expect this year. He’s the best player in Brazil and there is little doubt that he can keep his team in the running for a first place finish. YAHO is already primed to do far better than 8th place, their placement from earlier this year at ESL Master Phase 1. 

The second weekend of play will kick off on July 29th at 4:00 pm PT. These sixteen teams will start the second weekend of the Grand Final by fighting across Miramar. 

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