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The data doesn’t lie. Latin American PUBG: Battleground teams know how to handle themselves in a firefight. Some of these squads weren’t hungry for chicken, they were hungry for blood. That strategy will get put to the test in the PCS6 Grand Final. 

While no team from the region qualified through the Last Chance Qualifier, teams like A Creche and 22 Esports found success in the LATAM Regional Playoff by looking for fights and placing just high enough to earn placement points in the majority of rounds they played. 

Here’s a breakdown of some of the most interesting data points in the Latin America Regional Playoff. 

Inside A Creche’s kill-heavy campaign

A Creche opened the Latin American Regional Playoff with a 20-kill chicken dinner. That match would set the tone for a 12 round series that would see A Creche put up a PCS6 best with 93 kills. 

In addition to leading kills, A Creche placed well overall and finished within the Top 4 five times throughout their 12 rounds.  On the whole, however, A Creche grinded for good to average placements while taking almost every fight they could. The squad only had three matches where they scored less than five kills and one of those came from a dud round where they placed 15th. 

A Creche has proven that they are the most well-rounded team out of Latin America, especially when they only found themselves within the first circle 22.22% of the time. We’ll have to wait and see if their aggressive tactics work within a lobby filled with the best-of-the-best at Grand Final.

Statistically aggressive play dominated LATAM’s matches

The top three teams in North America – Bing Bang Boom, Yaho and Gascans – all earned more than 50 placements points in their path to the top. The top three teams in Latin America – A Creche, Trogloditas and 22 Esports – barely cracked 40. Each team put a greater emphasis on grabbing kills. 

North American teams still got a high number of kills, but the majority of them come from rounds where they place high. Latin American teams display a preference to go for the kill no matter where they are on the map.  This could be the difference in overall placement during the Grand Final. 

Every Latin American team in the LCQ had a similar statline with kills prioritized over placements. Teams that qualified for the Grand Final will need an adapted strategy that balances high kill rounds with high placements. 

Just2Easy can’t get over the hump

It’s been proven that you can have success in PUBG: Battlegrounds by focusing on either placements or kills, but you won’t be able to get very far without excelling in both. 

Just2Easy, a team made up of players from Chile, Argentina and Uruguay, didn’t eat a single chicken dinner despite finding themselves in the first circle in more than 40% of the Latin America Regional Playoff. They did place well – landing in the Top 4 six times – but they could not get over the hump. 

This time Just2Easy will have to either up their kill count to compete with fraggers like A Creche or learn to position themselves exceptionally well to grab that chicken dinner in a couple of rounds. 

Erangel was buzzing for the Yellow Jackets

Map knowledge can be a game changer. The Yellow Jackets, who struggled for a large part of the Latin America Regional Playoff, found their knowledge of Erangel’s map to be key in seizing two crucial chicken dinners throughout the tournament. 

The Bolivian, Pablo “Betungas” Alberto Arispe and his team of Brazilians would have been knocked out of Grand Final contention if they placed second in either of those crucial matches in Erangel’s locale. It goes to show that using luck to your advantage can pay off in a huge way. Yellow Jackets landed within the circle 38.89% of the time and they used one of those instances to position themselves for the win. Now they’ve got a chance to earn more glory and money in the PCS6 Grand Final, they’ll need to prove that they can operate with the same excellence on Miramar.

Don’t forget to follow the numbers and watch the data story unfold during the PCS6 Americas Grand Final at 4 pm PT, starting on April 15th. 


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