Battleground Intelligence: Top stats from ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 Grand Final


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We were lucky enough to catch some incredible action during both weekends of the ESL Masters PUBG Phase 2 Grand Final. Grenades were lobbed, bullets were shot, and chicken was devoured. It was another fantastic time on the battlegrounds. 

eUnited may have taken home the first palace trophy once again, but that doesn’t mean that other teams and players didn’t have outstanding performances of their own. Both YAHO and Soniqs came in clutch with a high number of kills and placement points. 

We’ve broken down some of the best performances and stats from the thirty match stretch of the Grand Final. Take a look. 

The best of the best

It’s no surprise that eUnited’s Jake “Snakers” Winant led the field in both damage and kills, closing the tournament with 54 kills and 12,572.5 hit points of damage. It’s one reason why the North American squad excelled so heavily during both weekends of play. 

Other players from eUnited, as well as folks from YAHO and Soniqs, were right behind him throughout the Grand Final. 

Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro and eUnited’s Noah “Relo” Jenkins were tied for the second most kills with 51 while Soniqs James “TGLTN” Giezen and YAHO’s Brendan “Balefrost” Connors finished with 49. The next best on the leaderboard is 41 and that is still from Soniqs and eUnited players. Those squads truly dominated in Phase 2. 

Winning, but also losing?

eUnited found their way to an overall victory with five chicken dinners. Soniqs, on the other hand, came in second with seven plates of fresh poultry. Soniqs may have won more, but eUnited had a better average performance throughout the Grand Final. 

The winners had the runners up beat out by 0.4 average points. eUnited finished the Grand Final with 9.8 average points per match while Soniqs finished with 9.4. eUnited had enough placement points and kills to build a 12 point lead, despite falling short in the chicken dinner department. 

That’s what competing in a battle royale at the highest level is all about. Winning, within some rulesets, is important, but you need consistency in order to be the last team standing after 30 matches. 

Latin America staying on course

Latin American teams, including the Trogloditas, Young Kings, Synergy Esports and FIUMBA, finished the Grand Final with a combined ten chicken dinners. That’s 30% of the matches played, which is impressive considering that North America represented more than 60% of the teams in the competition. 

This is the exact same performance we saw in the Phase 1 Grand Final. The six teams in that Grand Final also earned 10 wins. Although, 22 Esports had four in Phase 1 and zero in Phase 2. They’ll need to readjust their strategy before the PUBG Continental Series 7. 

Overall, only one Latin American team got more than two wins during the Phase 2 Grand Final. Showing that the majority of teams were on equal footing, considering that only three teams in the entire Grand Final – eUnited, Soniqs, and the Brazilian squad Young Kings – got more than two wins overall. 

Sparkingg a fire

Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro. Miramar. The third to last match of the tournament. YAHO would need an incredible performance to move up on the leaderboard and that’s exactly what sparkingg gave them. 

YAHO earned 16 kills in a 4th place finish during this match. Twelve of which came from the Brazilians’ gun. Five headshot kills, nearly 1,500 hit points of damage, nearly 350 hit points of damage from grenades and three vehicles destroyed. It’s safe to say that Sparkingg started a fire in this match, even though it wasn’t enough to secure the chicken dinner. 

That’s it for ESL Masters in 2022, but there is still more to come from us this year. We’ll be covering all the PUBG Esports Americas action all year round, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok for more news, updates, and content.

See you on the Battlegrounds!


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