by PUBG Esports


LiViD Gaming has been disqualified from PCS1 NA Group Stage.  Due to their disqualification, their spot in the PCS1 NA Group Stage has been vacated. Additionally, the members of the team are banned from participating in any Phase 2 event. This Suspension affects the following players:

  • Soup
  • Fudgexo
  • CAD3N
  • decipLe
  • Relay

Any further disciplinary actions will result in a long-term ban for the players and/or team.

Impact on PCS1

  • LiViD Gaming will lose their PCS1 NA Group Stage spot and thus will be moved to last place.
  • LiViD Gaming will be replaced by San Diego Rarity, the 9th place team in NA Challenger Series 1 Ro16, in the NA Challenger Cup 1

Relevant Rules – Section 5.16 of SUPER (V2.1.0)

5.16 Concluding the Competition 

Upon initiating participation in a Competition, teams and Competitors shall continue to participate in the Competition to its conclusion. Teams and Competitors shall not refuse to participate in the Competition for any reason including, without limitation, disagreement with a decision by Administration, an accusation of competitive integrity of the Competition, or imperfect playing conditions.

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