by PUBG Esports

It has been brought to our attention that during PCS6 Americas LATAM Regional Playoff Day 3 a player from team Mutariuum was streaming their in-game feed live to an unauthorized channel without a delay, in which viewers were giving live information and feedback to the team, providing them an unfair competitive advantage. This report has been investigated and verified by KRAFTON Americas League Operations. Pursuant to the below rules, team Mutariuum has been disqualified from the PCS6 competition. Their slot in the Grand Final will be filled by the next runner-up team (JUST 2 EASY), and an additional team will be advanced to the LCQ (From The Ashes).

  • Section 13.A. Server Utilization: During the PCS6 Americas Regional Playoff and Last Chance Qualifier, all teams/players are required to be in the PUBG Americas Player Discord server, team text and voice channels have been provided. The Active Roster must all be present in their provided voice channel 5 minutes before game start, the teams coach may sit in their teams voice channel and monitor comms, coaches will be server muted prior to match start, streaming to the teams coach in any way is prohibited.
  • Section 13.H Streaming: PUBG reserves exclusive rights for broadcasting and streaming for this event. Players are not allowed to personally stream their matches and games without prior approval from PUBG.  When permission to broadcast is granted, the broadcaster must use 25 minutes of delay.
  • SUPER 4.7 Cheating: Competitors shall not cheat by using any kind of device, program, or any other method or activity that may gain or give an unfair advantage.

In addition to the disqualification, all parties involved will receive a competitive ban from PUBG Esports. The exact details of these bans will be finalized soon.

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