by Ty Brody

The best teams of two competitive regions were on full display in the DreamHack PUBG Showdown Winter Americas Final – bringing an end to a season filled with incredible PUBG Esports action. Beginning with a vigorous qualifier that spanned the course of two weeks, Round 1 of the event featured a total of 144 teams from across the Americas. The intense level of competition left a handful of notable teams on the outside looking in, the Grand Final gave us an exciting series of matches as teams strived to finish towards the top of the leaderboard. Ultimately, the action would lay the foundation for a North American team to obtain first place.

Bookending their 2020 campaign with another tournament victory, Oath Gaming took home the first-place prize after an impressive run through the DreamHack PUBG Showdown. The team delivered their most consistent performance of the year during the best-of-eighteen Final, competing against nine familiar rivals and six teams from the LATAM region. Despite the challenges faced, Oath Gaming rose to the occasion and demonstrated why the team has been at the forefront of North American PUBG Esports all season long.

Oath collected an impressive 171 points across eighteen matches, averaging out 9.5 points per match played. Sure, scoring that amount of points every match would be ideal, however, it isn’t the way teams accumulate their point total. As for Oath, the team was able to nearly eliminate their zero-point matches during the DreamHack Final. Failing to collect a point in only one match during their most recent tournament, Oath found a way to produce points in almost every match.

This year we’ve referenced North America’s ‘big three’ – Soniqs, Shoot To Kill, and Oath Gaming. During the Showdown, the trio extended their regional prowess with yet another dominant performance, particularly over the eighteen-match Grand Final. Each of the three teams secured their final standing within the top-four, bolstering already prolific resumes and ending their season on a high note for each team.

Rounding out the top-three was Meta Gaming, who became the highest-ranked LATAM team when the dust settled. Meta Gaming has four extremely talented players who I believe haven’t received enough attention for the skill they put on display during the tournament finale. “sparkingg” and “SzylzEN” are exceptionally talented players who fans will hopefully see more of in the near future. The entire team works well with one another, but these two are Meta Gaming’s most experienced and tenured players and it showed during the Americas Final.

Team Veritas and Slappers Only would take fifth and six respectively, securing the final two prize pool positions. Both teams had their own opportunities to secure a higher placement earlier in the event, but neither were able to capitalize. Unfortunately, this event could have been our first and last time watching Slappers Only. A team composed of popular players within the PUBG Esports community, such as “hambinooo” and a last-minute addition in “Sophiya666”. Slappers Only would prove to be an extremely competitive squad considering the four of them were assembled last minute.

As for Team Veritas, the Winter Showdown reminded us of the potential that lies within this team’s roster. While they may not have placed quite where they would have liked, Veritas proved once again that this team has continued to improve since making a roster adjustment prior to PCS3 and looked their best at times during this event. Between “Keenan”, “mykLe”, “DTreats”, and “Jazza” the Veritas four-man roster is in good shape for the near future. The DreamHack PUBG Showdown Winter Americas Final concluded an exceptional PUBG Esports 2020 season in a fitting fashion. Congratulations to Oath Gaming for their victory run!

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