ESL Masters Phase 2 – Open Qualifiers Recap


by PUBG Esports

We’ve seen quite a bit of action through the opening weeks of ESL Masters PUBG Americas Phase 2. Teams from both North and Latin America have fought until only 48 teams – 24 in each Regional Playoff bracket – are left remaining. 

More than 100 teams previously fought through three weeks of an open bracket in order to get to this point. The majority of those teams have been knocked out just in time for some PUBG stars to crash the party. 16 teams who competed in the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas are now joining the battle royale fun in each region for the next step of ESL Masters PUBG Americas Phase 2. 

Regional Playoffs Groups

The Regional Playoffs, which run from July 15th to 17th, are now set for both Latin America and North America. This group stage will feature another three weeks of action, including all the teams that you loved from PCS6. 

Here are the three groups from North America:

Here are all the teams in the Latin American Regional Playoff:

Group AGroup BGroup C
22 EsportsTrogloditasA Creche
Yellow JacketsJust 2 EasyAKM Gaming
Synergy EsportsFIUMBANiceTry
Free AgentsYoung KingsSistematicos Esports
From The AshesUnderdogsEosGURI
NeverMindpanelagoodNetwork lag
Peak faloyalty100medo
FENIXTeam QuesitoTeam-X

The top six teams from the Latin American Regional Playoff will join the top ten teams from the North American Regional Playoff in a sixteen team grand final. The top team will take home $12,500 with all sixteen teams taking home a piece of the $50,000 prize pool. 

Here is the remaining schedule for ESL Masters PUBG Americas Phase 2:

  • Regional Playoffs:
    • Match Day 1 – Group A vs. Group B – Friday, July 15th
    • Match Day 2 – Group B vs. Group C – Saturday, July 16th
    • Match Day 3 – Group C vs. Group A – Sunday, July 17th
  • Grand Final:
    • July 22nd to 24th
    • July 29th to 31st

Teams to Watch

While many of the team names coming into the Regional Playoff in both regions may be familiar – even our friends at Spicy Fish are returning after taking an early exit during PCS6 – there are some lesser known faces joining the action as well. Here are two teams to keep an eye on. 

303 Esports is an organization based out of Denver, Colorado. Its four members, including Andrew “Baddylul” Kitts, came together fresh in 2022. Three of those team members only joined the organization this month. It should be interesting seeing how they shape up against top PCS6 talent. 

What it Takes is another freshly formed squad. Two Americans and two Australians make up this four man team. We’ll see if they have what it takes to make a splash during the North American Regional Playoff. 

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See you on the Battlegrounds!


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