ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final Week 1 Recap


by PUBG Esports

After three days of amazing surprises and upsets, the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final has concluded its first weekend. To say it was unpredictable is a major understatement. Each day, the top spots of the leaderboard completely changed from the day before.


The Grand Final kicks off with a hilariously entertaining attempt from Dodge’s Ethan to turn Nootropic’s Lataa into roadkill. However, despite the spotlight being shined elsewhere early in the match, Synergy Esports takes the Chicken Dinner with masterful control of the circle and 15 kills.

Synergy Esports went on to take the lead on Day 1 with another Chicken Dinner in Match 4 and a brilliant point denial in Match 2 that gave 22 Esports a 4 Kill Chicken Dinner. Synergy Esports fully understands the Point Rule and stood on top after Day 1 with a total of 65 Points and eUnited in second with 54 Points. 


Built by Gamers kicks off Day 2with an 18 Kill WWCD over Young Kings in a desert shootout, which was more kills than the 16 they achieved on Day 1. They followed up with another Chicken Dinner from a 4v4 showdown with the Young Kings. Their two victories and high kill count would allow them to take the lead in Day Two.

Not to be outdone, Yaho makes steady progress throughout the early matches, but really made their presence known when they ended Day 2 with back-to-back wins and a total of 23 kills in their two Chicken Dinner matches. Built by Gamers may have the top spot, but their jump from 5th place to 1st place  Yaho’s jump from 11th to 2nd made them the most impressive team of Day 2. 


Began with a bang as Gascans scored a 15-kill Chicken Dinner in the first match of the day. They also go on to end the day, and the weekend, with another glorious high-kill win over Shoot to Kill. Their performance shot them from 10th place all the way to 3rd.

However, despite their loss to Gascans in the final match of the Grand Final’s first weekend, Shoot to Kill proves slow and steady wins the race as they make their way to the top spot with consistently good play and only one Chicken Dinner.

Weekend One of the Grand Final was a real rollercoaster. The favorite teams going into the Grand Final, Soniqs, Gascans, and EUnited, are all tied for 3rd place. While underdog teams Shoot to Kill and Bing Bang Boom are 1st and 2nd. However, only 5 points separate 1st and 3rd places, and only 13 points separate 1st and 9th.

With the way Weekend One of the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final went, the top spots are still up for grabs with no way to predict how the $50,000 prize will be divided. Week Two begins on Friday, March 4th at 4pm PST.

ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final Continues  for Week 2

March 4th to 6th beginning at 4:00pm PST

Map Order:

  • Day 4: Miramar – Miramar – Miramar – Erangel – Erangel
  • Day 5: Erangel – Erangel – Erangel – Miramar – Miramar
  • Day 6: Miramar – Miramar – Miramar – Erangel – Erangel


The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Group Stage will be broadcasted live on:

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