ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2: Group Stage Viewer Guide


by Ty Brody

ESL PUBG Masters Americas ramps up this week with Group Stages beginning in the NA and LATAM regions. Sixteen of the region’s best teams have received a direct invite to the regional Group Stage for their performance during the PCS4 Americas. Qualifiers have already commenced and will soon promote eight teams from each regional qualifier to their respective Group Stage, which is set to begin this Friday, July 23.

Each of the Group Stages will feature twenty-four teams and unfold across three days. Teams will be broken up into three groups and play a total of twelve matches to determine the top-eight squads of each region. Those teams will advance to the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final where they’ll compete for a $50,000 USD Prize Pool and PGC Qualification Points.


Group Stages (NA & LATAM) will be made up of twenty-four teams and then divided for round-robin play. Sixteen teams have been drawn from their final placement in the PCS4 Americas Grand Final, Last Chance Qualifier, and Group Stage. Joining those sixteen teams will be the top eight squads from the Qualifiers (TBD).

  • 24 Teams (16 Invite, 8 Qualifiers)
  • MC Rule (Most Chickens Rule)
  • Top 8 advance to Grand Final (NA & LATAM)
  • July 23 – 25 (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Group Stage will be played under the ‘Most Chickens’ rule, making the match victory the primary objective for every squad. Ultimately, the top-eight teams with the most number of Chicken Dinners will advance to the Grand Final. Any tiebreakers will be decided by the total kill count for each team, however, additional categories can break the tie if necessitated.


It just wouldn’t be the same without this panel of experts in all things PUBG Esports. Returning for the ESL PUBG Masters Group Stage is a group of fan favorites ready to call every moment of gameplay! Across all social channels, this tentured line up will be bringing you all of the action, from start to finish.

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