ESL PUBG Masters Phase 1 NA Regional Playoff – Recap


by PUBG Esports

The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final is days away. But before ovens start roasting the chicken dinners, let’s recap the incredible weekend we just had at the ESL PUBG Masters Phase 1 NA Regional Playoffs. 24 of the best teams in the NA Group battled it out until only the best 10 remained. Those 10 teams have earned a spot in the Grand Final, and the teams ranked between 11-16 will receive a direct invite to the PCS6 NA Group Stage – which is just weeks away.

Day One of the NA Regional Playoff kicked off with 16 of the region’s top teams dropping into Enragel ready to set the tone for the rest of the weekend. Though Black Sheep Office took the opening match, Teams eUnited and Soniqs ended the first half of the day in first and second. However, the switch to Miramar allowed Team Veritas to jump from 10th to 3rd with a Chicken Dinner and major additions to their placement and kill points.

At the end of the NA Regional Playoff, eUnited, Gascans, and Soniqs would take the top spots. With eUnited having a commanding lead as they top the charts in every category. 


Though they missed out in winning the first match, eUnited would begin their domination with consistently high kill counts. They ended the day with 2 Chicken Dinners, 33 Placement Points, and 61 Kill Points. This gave them a whopping 28 point lead against second-place Team Soniqs. eUnited’s 20+ kills with their Chicken Dinners solidified their first-place standing.

The first match of the day went to Black Sheep Office after a close battle with Soniqs. Match 2 went to eUnited with major help from Lethal Association’s Sociopath that allowed them to clean house and eventually take the win from Soniqs. Soniqs, after coming close in the first two matches, finally get their Chicken Dinner in Match 3 after winning a literal uphill battle. 

However, eUnited took Match 4 with another high kill win. Match 5 is where Team Veritas took their huge leap in the standings, getting a 13 kill count Chicken Dinner over the dominating eUnited. Wildcard Gaming got into the Chicken DInner mix on the final match of the day after a brutal smoke fight in an ever-shrinking circle.


Day Two of the Regional Playoffs pitted Group B vs Group C. The day started off with a Bing Bang Boom elimination of Sno Patrol early in the opening match and ended with only one Group B team taking home a Chicken Dinner. It also resulted in a new team standing in first place at the end of the day.

Despite Bing Bang Booms’s explosively fast elimination of Sno Patrol, the opening match went to What A Rush who had a massive 16 kill count. Not to be outdone, The Rumblers scored an 18 kill win in Match 2. Gascans continued the high kill count wins with a 17 kill count victory in Match 3.

Gascans went for seconds in Miramar with another Chicken Dinner in Match 4 after a shootout with Soniqs. Bing Bang Boom took Match 5 with some well-placed explosives in an oddly satisfying play against 303 Esports and Gascans. Unfortunately for them, Nootropics were ready for the boom and took the final match of the day.

Gascans explosive wins put them at the top of the leaderboard at the end of Day Two, with a slight lead over Soniqs; both teams taking advantage of eUnited’s day off. Only 4 kills and a Chicken Dinner separate them, however Soniqs’ day off, and lack of Chicken Dinners, guaranteed their fall from second on Day Three.


Day Three had an explosive beginning with Bing Bang Boom grabbing their second Chicken Dinner in the first match. However, eUnited made it known they were eager to reclaim their top spot with a decisive win in Match 2. Match 3 saw the beginning of Dodge’s big entrance after a relatively quiet Day 2.

The change in location began to change the fates as well, as Yaho got a Chicken Dinner with a 4-on-1 vs The Rumblers to end the match. Match 5 came down to a shootout with eUnited and Dodge, with Dodge coming out on top for their second win of the day and playoffs. The final match ended with eUnited adding points to cement their lead, but with a Nootropics Chicken Dinner.

With their dominating kill counts and additional Chicken Dinner, the Regional Playoffs ended with eUnited in first place with 3 Chicken Dinners and 165 Total Points. That gives them a 42 point lead over second-place Gascans who enjoy a single Chicken Dinner and a 4-point lead over Soniqs. As it stands, eUnited is the team to beat going into the Grand Final.


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