ESL PUBG Masters Phase 1 Regional Playoffs Preview


by PUBG Esports

The road to the ESL PUBG Masters begins with the Regional Playoffs starting this Friday! 48 of the best teams from NA and LATAM will battle it out to determine the 16 teams that will compete in the ESL PUBG Masters Grand Final and play for their share of $50,000.

Beginning this Friday, February 18, 2022, each region will host 18 matches over the next 3 days, featuring the top 8 teams from the Open Qualifiers and the 16 teams who have been invited based on their performance at PCS5 Americas. Teams will be scored on a cumulative leaderboard with the top 10 teams from the NA Regional Playoff leaderboard and the top 6 from the LATAM Leaderboard moving on to the Grand Final.


Dates for Regional Playoffs:

  • Match Day 1 – Group A vs. Group B – Friday, February 18th
  • Match Day 2 – Group B vs. Group C – Saturday, February 19th
  • Match Day 3 – Group C vs. Group A – Sunday, February 20th
  • *Group Matchups are subject to change

Teams will be scored on a cumulative leaderboard with the top 10 teams from the NA Regional Playoff leaderboard and top 6 teams from the LATAM Regional Playoff leaderboard moving on to the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 1 Grand Final. The 10/6 team breakdown is based on the results of the PCS5 Americas Last Chance Qualifier (PCS5 LCQ). Further explanation can be found in the Rulebook.


To no one’s surprise, Team Soniqs are highly favored for the North American Regional Playoffs. They’ve competed at the highest levels regionally and internationally and are widely regarded as the best team across all of PUBG Esports. They adapt to new metas and format changes without missing a beat against some of the best teams in the sport.

However, they’re the number 2 seed in the NA Regional Playoffs! Team Yaho, formally Team Oath, is sitting pretty in the number 1 seed. Coming in hot from winning PCS5 Americas, the reigning PCS champions are looking to prove their game is the same despite the change in name.


ESL PUBG Masters started with the Open Qualifiers and the competition was intense. We started Round 1 with 124 teams in Latin America and 54 teams in North America, to only 32 teams for each region in the second, and to a final 16 in the third. Now they are playing for the final 8 spots to advance to their region’s playoffs.

In the NA Region, Team Dodge began the final round of the Open Qualifiers with a definitive point lead with a 39 point difference between them and Second Place Team Just Play ESports. However, in the end, Team What A Rush took a commanding lead with 146 points, beating Team Dodge by 36 points and 25 kills and knocking them into second place! If Team What A Rush continues wreaking havoc into the Regional Playoffs, they might just be the team to beat.


The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Group Stage will be broadcasted live on:

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