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Hello, PUBG Esports fans,

When we think about PUBG esports, there are three main things we focus on in our efforts to deliver the best experience possible.

First is you, our fans. This means providing as many ways for you to conveniently watch as possible, including new screens that you can watch right on the Battlegrounds as you play, awesome new rewards for the Pick’Em Challenge, giveaways throughout the broadcast, and more!


The second is our players. We’ve steadily worked to increase our prize pools, worked with and accommodated teams as best we can during this unprecedented pandemic, and introduced even more revenue sharing into our programs so that participating teams can earn even more.

And lastly, a focus on global competition. PUBG is and always has been a worldwide game. The reason we’re able to put on tournaments as we do is because of the widespread support from our fans that continues to this day. Giving as many regions as possible a chance to represent their home is important and something we try to do as fairly as possible.

We kept these goals, among others, in mind when coming up with our 2021 Esports plan, and we are happy to share our current schedule with you all.

Road to PGC

Road to PGC.JPG

Starting with the upcoming PGI.S tournament, we are planning a total of four global Esports tournaments in 2021.

We tried something new last year with the PCS format, and based on your great support have decided it will continue this year! PCS4 will be held in June and PCS5 will follow, in September.

The action culminates at the PUBG Global Championship (PGC), which will mark the conclusion of the 2021 PUBG Esports season. Look forward to a hard fought final showdown in November!


Much like their predecessors, PCS4 and PCS5 are online tournaments that take place across four different regions.

However, there are several changes to the PCS tournaments in 2021. First of all, the North American region has been expanded to also include the Latin American (LATAM) region, allowing teams from Latin America to also represent their region in PCS. The consolidated region will now be called the Americas.

We’re expanding our selection process for which teams can participate and also plan on increasing the overall number of matches. We hope to provide a stable window of opportunity for skilled players to show off what they can do while giving our fans more Battle Royale action to look forward to.

Lastly, we’re also looking into the addition of more third-party events to further diversify and bolster PUBG esports. More info on that at a later time!

PUBG Global Championship INFO


More matches and tournaments is fun, but it’s important to also celebrate the best of the best from around the world. That’s where the PUBG Global Championship comes in.

Teams will qualify for PGC based on points collected from their regional tournaments. There will also be additional ways to qualify for PGC. In certain regions, this also includes a wildcard system and third-party tournaments.

The goal of this is to allow teams who may be outside of PCS regions to still have a chance at qualifying for PGC.

Once all qualification tournaments have concluded, teams who have earned the most points will advance to PGC 2021 to battle with the best PUBG teams in the world for their shot at the ultimate Chicken Dinner.

Profit Sharing


Giving participating teams opportunities to earn money is always a priority for us, and our current crowdfunding systems, such as Pick’Em Challenge, will continue in 2021.

Of course, we’re always looking at ways to improve profit sharing and give teams even more opportunities to earn cash.

In conclusion,
PUBG is proud to have some of the greatest fans and teams in the scene, and we thank you for your tremendous support over the years. We’ll constantly work to keep our tournaments fun and rewarding to watch and look forward to delivering the best Esports action yet in 2021!

That’s all for now, thanks and we’ll see you at PGI.S!

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