by Ty Brody

The third and final week of the PCS2 North America Grand Final delivered another eight matches loaded with highlights deserving of another look! Throughout the two-day finale, Soniqs marched on to support and expand their lead on their nearest competitor, crowning themselves PCS2 NA Champions. Appearing unstoppable for large portions of the Grand Final, this roster of Soniqs has captured the attention of PUBG Esports fans worldwide following the team’s run across the twenty-four matches.

Despite an honorable fight from both Oath Gaming and Shoot To Kill, the dominant play from Soniqs was unmatched for virtually all of the Grand Final. The final day of the event may not have produced the nail-biting suspense we felt during PCS1, but make no doubt it, Soniqs put on a show nonetheless.


During Match 2 of Day 5, a hilltop fight between Radiance and Soniqs began with a pair of knocks that left each team down two players as they collided at the edge of the play zone. The team fight went back and forth before quickly swinging in the Soniqs’ favor, largely in part to the excellent in-game decisions from our PCS2 Champions.

Following the initial contact, and subsequent knocks, each team was able to revive a downed player. Soniqs managed to get one of their two downed teammates back on their feet, as Radiance revived both of their members – making it a three-on-four skirmish when Soniqs went back on the offensive.

Great utility usage from Soniqs set up “TGLTN” to gain an aggressive, yet safe, wide-angle over the hill where he spotted a flashed and low-health “Waldoe”. During the grenade bombardment, Soniqs’ player “M1ME”, who had just been revived, was able to land a headshot on the enemy player just over the hill. That shot allowed “TGLTN” to instantly knock and transfer his spray onto other members of Radiance before making the wise choice to return to cover and continue fighting as a team. From there, Soniqs pounced on the injured and scattered members of Radiance to secure four additional points.

Following a match where they saw their nearest competitor, Oath Gaming, win the opening round to Week Three and pull within a range with seven matches to play, Soniqs withstand an outnumbered encounter with Radiance and salvage a second-place finish to this match. A match that Oath Gaming would ultimately win, but with fewer kills, virtually negating any progress that could have been generated from back-to-back wins. Soniqs made great decisions during this fight, in an exchange that could serve as a microcosm to their impressive run through the Grand Finals.


Zenith Esports found themselves in their fair share of difficult positions over the twenty-four match Grand Final but were able to make the most of an unfortunate zone in this clip. During the opening match to Week Three, Zenith player “Mystery” was caught out alone with very little options and even less cover to work from. With the unlikelihood of surviving the next zone shift, “Mystery” was able to maximize the value of his single grenade and four molotovs.

After setting up to knock and flush one member of Oath Gaming, “Mystery” makes the call to piggyback the damage being dealt by Oath onto Carnage Gaming and rush the haybale shack. Rather than being discovered sooner or later on the hillside, “Mystery” rushes into the field, dodging rounds from most of the lobby, and lobs his grenade and molotovs into the shack to pick up two valuable kill points.


In one of the most unusual and entertaining final zones we’ve seen to date, 303 Esports and Oath Gaming played a game of vertical chess to close out Match 3 on the final day of the Grand Final. As each team decided how to best position themselves on this unfamiliar terrain, they began collecting kills from other squads forced out of various positions surrounding them.

Oath took to the high ground first, a decision that would ultimately prove to be the game-winning play. With “Snakers” hunting from above, 303 Esports was left with no option but to march towards the remainder of Oath Gaming where “Balefrost” secured the match with a double-kill. This ridiculous ending to Match 3 was a highlight to a final day.


There aren’t too many plays I enjoy more than a clean seat-swap during major PUBG Esport events. They’re rare, unpredictable, and result in highlight whether it works out or not! I know that I’m not the only person who loves them either, because when “SimplyMatthias” from Liberate pulled one off to start Day Six of the Grand Finals, myself and Twitch chat came together to spam “LUL”.

Because one angle isn’t enough, the observers did this highlight justice with a shot from the player’s point-of-view.


Once the top of the PCS2 Grand Final leaderboard had been unofficially determined, the play from a couple of teams on the lower half of the standings began to shine. During just the final match, Illusion was able to climb four positions and place within the top-ten behind a fifteen-kill win.

Not the biggest play during their round, but an interesting moment nonetheless. Illusion eliminates Zenith Esports after the third molotov threw by “Roth” is hammered onto the wall in front of him – knocking himself as a grenade from Illusion’s “Adam” drops on top of Zenith’s final member inside the shed. It results in a quick wipe of two players and marks the end to Zenith’s tournament.

The win was a major boost for Illusion and demonstrated that final placement, and the cash prizes tied to them, aren’t official until the last match ends. Illusion not only doubled their prize pool payout, but they doubled their percentage of revenue from PCS2 items sold in-game.

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