by Ty Brody

Week Four of the PUBG Global Invitational.S picked up precisely where we left off, delivering another intense three-day Survival tournament to decide which sixteen teams compete in this weekend’s Final. Over Saturday and Sunday, the sixteen teams who won a match during the Survival games will play for the increased prize pool of $300,000 USD. The prize pool is awarded to the top four teams after ten matches, with the first-place winner taking home $150,000 USD.

I’m not sure what got into the teams this week, but the past three days have held some of the most chaotic matches since PGI.S began. This may have been the biggest “upset” week with so many massive orgs missing out on this weekend’s Final. Considering the prize pool has doubled once again for Weekly Final 4, an opportunity has presented itself to the teams who were unable to find the top four in the previous three finals. It will allow some to make up ground on the current cash leaders and could secure some well-earned prize money for a couple of teams.


After making their first appearance in the Weekly Final last weekend, T1 returns for another shot at the top-four prize money in Week Four. The team has progressively played better and has appeared to be the squad we expected coming into the event. T1 earned themselves a spot in this weekend’s final in one less match than it required last week, however, they still struggled with inconsistent play during the short series of matches. Luckily, they were able to hold off numerous enemy teams during the late-game of Match 3, despite the effort to eliminate his own team from “Starlord”.

With ten very important matches ahead of them, it will be interesting to see how T1 adjusts compared to their finals performance last week where they placed twelvth. The potential for this team is there and we’ve caught flashes of it at points in this tournament. After missing out on the first two finals, and falling short last week, there seems to be a lot riding on a solid performance during Weekly Final 4 this weekend.


Oath Gaming has been playing some of the most consistent PUBG at this event. They’ve continually proven themselves to be a threat in any lobby and have advanced to all four Weekly Finals. The unfortunate part, is they haven’t been able to land inside the top-four to earn a share of the big money. Sitting at $4,000 USD through three-and-a-half weeks of play thanks to their match victory last week, Oath could seriously fly up the leaderboard with a great showing this weekend.

This particular highlight speaks to how dangerous Oath can be in close-quarter engagements with “PATKAPS” finding two members of Team Liquid as the zone closes. Despite numerous impressive matches from the team, Oath fell just short a handful of times this past week. Thankfully, the zone was kind to them during Match 12 on Miramar, and they took advantage of it.

Oath Gaming is one of only four teams to earn a spot in all four Weekly Finals so far, but of the four teams, they’re the outlier in terms of prize money. The team has been playing extremely well throughout the Weekly Survival and I hope to see it transfer over into the weekend.


After three consecutive weeks of qualifying for the Weekly Final during Day One of the Survival matches, Team Liquid waited until Match 13 to punch their ticket to this weekend’s Final. Liquid is another one of the four teams to advance to all four Finals thus far, earning themselves $15,000 USD since arriving in South Korea.

Their play has remained strong but I’ve begun noticing clib much more often as the tournament progresses. On a roster with Ibiza and Jeemzz, it could be easy to overlook the other pair of players on this team, but Team Liquid has clib and mxey, two incredible veterans of the esport in their own right. Despite being on everyone’s radar prior to this event, clib has still managed to impress over another excellent set of matches this week, including his major role in Team Liquid’s vital Chicken Dinner.

Team Liquid won this match thanks to their nearly perfect in-game decisions and an outstanding capability to keep their players up as Phase 9 chaos ensued. One final maneuver from Ibiza sealed the win for Team Liquid and sent them to their fourth consecutive Weekly Final.


Weekly Survival 4 found PUBG Esports’ craziness knob and cranked it to up to eleven. It seemed as though all sixteen matches ended in mayhem with countless chaotic moments scattered throughout each round. One of those moments was a send to the small dip South of Rozhok on Erangel.

The rush to secure this particular ditch in the shadows of Water Tower resulted in one massive third-party fiesta that sent a couple of teams to lobby early. It also serves as a microcosm of what Weekly Survival felt like all week long.


Considering we mentioned a couple of teams who will be making their fourth consecutive Weekly Final appearance on Saturday, it’s only right that we mention a team who will be making their first outing! After a couple of weeks dominating the Bottom 16 matches in a traditional scoring format, Meta Gaming finally secured their Chicken Dinner during the Weekly Survival to advance into the team’s first final. They did so during the final match of this week, picking up the sixteenth and final ticket to Weekly Final 4.

Joy, relief, and excitement are all on display in Meta’s post-match celebration. They’ve played extremely well for the majority of this tournament so everyone has been waiting for them to find a spot inside the Weekly Final. It was less about “if” and more about “when” Meta Gaming would make their Weekly Finals debut. And something worth keeping in mind is the doubling prize pool as the tournament progresses, giving teams like Meta more of a chance to come back from a slow start to PGI.S. This weekend, we’ll finally get a look at one of the most exciting teams from the Americas region as they compete for the massive prize pool in this weekend’s final.

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