Introduction to PUBG Continental Series 6


by PUBG Esports

Hello PUBG Esports Fans!

The grand tour to the PUBG Global Championship 2022 has now begun and PUBG Esports is now back again with PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES (PCS)!

PCS6 will be held across four regions, with matches beginning on April 15th for the APAC and AMERICAS, followed by EUROPE and ASIA starting on April 29th.

The four regions include:

  • ASIA –  Korea, Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei
  • ASIA PACIFIC – Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • AMERICAS – North America and Latin America
  • EUROPE – Europe West and Middle East & Africa

Tournament Schedule

    • April 15 – 17
    • April 22 – 24
    • April 29 – May 1
    • May 6 – 8

Total Matches

  • 30 matches in total per region
  • 5 matches per day for 6 days

The Prize Pool

The PCS6 prize pool starts with a grand total of $1 million USD, which is split evenly across the four participating regions. PCS6 will continue to include 30% of all PCS6 item sales to contribute towards the total prize pool via crowdfunding.

  • Base prize pool of $250,000 USD per region
  • 30% of PUBG’s net sales of PCS6 items is shared directly with participating teams

Prize Pool Breakdown

The prize pool of PCS6 is identical across all regions. However, detailed distribution ratio of the prize pool is different by region. Please refer to the prize pool image for details.

  • Basic Prize : $230,000
  • Special Prizes : $20,000
      • Prize granted to the player with the most kills
      • Prize will be distributed evenly in the case of a tie
    • ALL-PCS TEAM ($10,000)
      • Prize granted to 4 best performing players in the Series
    • INSANE SQUAD ($5,000)
      • Prize granted to the team which showed the most impressive moment in the Series
    • Winners of the Special prize will be carefully chosen by the selection group.

PCS6 Pick’em Challenge

The Pick’em Challenge event is back for the PCS6! Participate and pick’em to earn sweet EPs and contribute to the grand prize pool to support your favorite team directly!

PCS6 Item Sales Period

  • PC: March 16th ~ May 6th UTC 08:00 (KST 17:00) UTC 08:00 (KST 17:00)
  • Console: March 24th ~ May 6th UTC 08:00 (KST 17:00) UTC 08:00 (KST 17:00)

PCS6 Pick’em Challenge Voting Period

  • APAC/AM Start: April 6th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00)
  • APAC/AM End: April 22nd UTC 09:00 (KST 18:00)
  • ASIA/EU Start: April 25th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00)
  • ASIA/EU End: May 6th UTC 09:00 (KST 18:00)

PCS6 Pick’em Reward Claiming Period

  • APAC/AM Pick the winner rewards: April 26th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00) ~
  • ASIA/EU Pick the winner rewards: May 10th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00) ~
  • Team Faceoff rewards: May 10th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00) ~
  • End of all reward claim period: May 25th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00)

The first global event of PUBG Esports 2022, PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES 6 is just around the corner!

Stay tuned to for more details to follow!

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