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A team’s logo is everything. It’s one of the first things other competitors will see when they enter the arena. It’s a calling card, a representation of what a team stands for and – most of all – a warning. A strong logo is the sign of a strong team and the PUBG community has some amazing artwork on display. 

It was difficult to put all these wonderful designs on a list, but we broke down the reason why many of the Americas logos are so fresh. From A Creche’s fiery daycare to eUnited’s patriotic flash, here is a complete ranking of the top sixteen logos in the Americas. 

16. AKM Gaming

With a name based off one of PUBG’s assault rifles, you’d think that the logo would include some depiction of the AKM. Instead this Argentinian organization went a more traditional route with their name in front of a shield. It does give Martin “mArtins4n” Castillo and company an easy chant whenever they’re in need, though. All they need to say is “protect the shield.”

15. Wildcard

One way to describe a Wildcard is someone or something that is absolutely unpredictable. It could be Adam Didiano clutching out a match in ESL Masters PUBG Americas Phase 2 or a wild ace of spades in a game of rummy. One thing that doesn’t sum up the moniker well is a simple W. Even though this team’s logo is clean, fresh and minimalistic, it doesn’t quite do the name justice. 

14. 22 Esports

22 Esports was literally founded on June 22, 2019. The name and logo honor that day as the formation of an organization who went on to impress the entire PUBG Americas community over the past few years. We love a logo that’s got a sentimental meaning behind it.

13. Short Circuit Gaming

Short Circuit Gaming is all about bringing a static shock to their competition. While their catch phrase and hashtag – #StaticShock – shares the name with a classic DC superhero, their logo is brimming with originality. The trendy and sharp red lighting bolt balances out a straightforward acronym. 

12. Team Dodge

We love this logo just as much as we love Neo’s infamous rooftop scene from the Matrix, but it brings up one pivotal question. Which direction is this orange man getting shot at from? The shooter is either incredibly short or was trying to break out a dope breakdance move before letting this shot off.

11. Trogloditas

If history and Geico have taught us anything, it’s that cavemen are versatile. They can be the butt of a joke or a nightmare for the beasts lurking in the wild 40,000 years ago. The troglodita in the Trogloditas logo looks content and even a little sad when you stare at him for a moment. While a depressed caveman might be scary in a fight, we don’t expect it to know how to use an automatic weapon from the modern era. 

10. The Rumblers

It’s the mystery with the Rumblers logo. A “rumbler” is a “person or thing that rumbles” or a specific type of police siren, which is not communicated with the veiled face and green flame encrusted fists of this logo. We don’t know what powers this mysterious person has but we’re certain that they have some sort of supernatural rumbling ability. 

9. Nootropic

Nootropics logo perfectly captures the meaning behind the word “smart drug.” This logo has a novelty effect to it that’s enhanced by the pencil-like shading along the bottom of the pill. It’d be higher on this list if the whole meaning of the team name and logo wasn’t about performance enhancing drugs. Perfect score for design, but negative points for the meaning. 

8. eUnited

eUnited’s logo captures modern patriotism with elegance. The red, white and blue are balanced within the logo; The single star separating the logo’s two letters is refined. It’s the type of design that shows how long an organization has been active and eUnited is an organization with a long tenure in multiple esports, including PUBG. 

7. Soniqs

It could be a vortex, whirlpool, or even a twister. That’s what makes the Soniqs logo – which could have originally been based around the Susquehanna river in the Eastern United States – so interesting. It could swoop you up with its tentacle-like arms and swallow you whole. 

6. Yellow Jackets

Unlike bees, Yellow Jackets stingers don’t get stuck in your skin so they can sting you multiple times. Sometimes they’ll sting you for no reason. Sometimes they’ll even bite you before stinging! Yellow Jackets, especially ones with biceps, triceps and shoulders like this one, are terrifying. We don’t want to go anywhere near this logo. 

5. Luminosity

Most teams don’t want to put an “L” in their logo for obvious reasons, but Luminosity jumped straight in in 2018. The white line curves around the eye to form the letter, which stands for the team name. The eye itself – and whatever beast it comes from – is a little more of a mystery which works well. It could be some sort of ghost panther staring at you from the shadows of the jungle for all we know. 

4. Just2Easy

Winning a match can be as easy as snapping your fingers. It’s just too easy, as Leandro “RiboxD” Racanelli and company might say,  and their logo says just that while literally oozing style from every angle. The cursive, the puff of smoke coming from the fingertips and the clear line work check all the right boxes. 

3. Bing Bang Boom

Battle royales are all about randomness. This over-the-top cartoony explosion is an apt representation of how random and wild PUBG can get at times. It’s a simple, easy-to-read logo that’s easy on the eyes and fun. Sometimes fun is all you need. 

2. A Creche

We’re not sure what motivated this Brazilian squad to take this design on, but we applaud them for it. A Creche is roughly translated into a daycare and whoever’s running it is not doing a good job. These babies are on fire – which wonderfully captures how aggressive this team is – and are quite angry. You just wait until that pacifier falls out. 


Every tournament has a team like YAHO, an unsigned squad of talented players that are tough to get a read on. These teams always have random logos – like a burger or the literal face of one of the players – that flatout confuse the other teams. This chicken is the ultimate display of confidence that puts other teams in a bind. They lose? They just lost to some chickens. They win? Big deal, they only beat some chickens.

Editors Note:  These Power Rankings are created and determined by one individual’s subjective observations.  They do not reflect the view of Krafton and/or PUBG Esports.


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