Midseason Power Rankings Part II: Teams 9-16


by Ty Brody

Part II of our Midseason Power Rankings features the eight teams ranked between 9-16 and was easily the toughest portion of our list to settle on. Each of these teams has had their flashes during marquee events, but their results have varied. Some have exceeded prior expectations and arrived inside the top-sixteen – others could have placed higher barring any complications during previous events.

All of the teams on this list will have an oppurtunity to prove us wrong in the near future. Group Stages for the ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2 begin soon in North America and Latin America, giving all twenty-four teams on our list their chance to show why they’re being overlooked or underestimated. Which teams rise to the occasion and make a statement during the Group Stage and Americas Grand Final is up to them, and we can’t wait to watch it unfold.

16. 22 Esports

Solidified as one of LATAM’s top contenders, 22 Esports returns to play with the same roster as PCS4 and ESL Phase 1. A bright spot to the lineup has been HazeteN, who grew into a must-watch player during the team’s previous outings – finishing the PCS4 Americas Grand Final with 1.3 KDA and 204 AVG Damage Dealt. HazeteN has been 22 Esports’ best player lately, but you can’t overlook rogi, v1n1, and bisnag4. The previous tournament may not have showcased the team’s best play, but they enter ESL Phase 2 with more experience and something to prove.

15. Latin Dominus

Latin Dominus entered the PCS4 Americas Grand Final with expectations to perform following a first-place finish in the LATAM Group Stage. The team excelled during Groups while competing under SUPER Settings, but Latin Dominus struggled once they hit the Grand Final’s ‘Most Chickens’ ruleset. Fortunately, the team’s play improved from week to week, but it wasn’t enough to carry them beyond 15th place in the final or our Power Rankings.

14. eUnited

eUnited had to battle their way into the PCS4 Americas Grand Final with a top-four placement in the Last Chance Qualifier. Coming into that last event, there was a ton of excitement surrounding the team’s signing with eUnited. The final result may not have been what the team was hoping for, but there were still plenty of positives to take away from their performance. EU has plenty of talent and experience at their disposal between Valliate, Los_HD, Waldoe, and Cherry.

13. A Creche

Their most recent results point towards a higher standing in our Power Rankings, but A Creche will be without And1FPS for ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2. Now playing for Young Kings, And1FPS was an essential part of the team’s success so it’s natural to expect some kind of drop-off or slump in his absence. The roster will be rounded out by ‘lpf’ who played for Team Mystery and collected the Most Damage bonus during the PCS4 LATAM Group Stage.

12. Wildcard Gaming

Prior to the roster’s signing with Wildcard Gaming, Ascendance Esports was turning heads with an impressive performance during the NA Group Stage of PCS4. Heading into that round I can’t say many casters or analysts were selecting them to be a top-six team and directly invited to the Grand Finals. That has more to do with the expectations surrounding other notable squads than it does with this team directly, nevertheless, they surprised many and were signed shortly after. In my opinion, Zealot and TsoK are two phenomenal players that don’t receive enough praise for their play. They led the team in Kills during the PCS4 Grand Final but are also great at the things that don’t show up on a stat line.

11. Three Hundred

It’s safe to say I’m buying into the hype surrounding the return of Xtreme. Three Hundred produced many impressive moments and looked to be a new contender on the rise during Phase 1 of the ESL PUBG Masters. However, the team toppled and were on the skids during the PCS4 Group Stage, unable to find their footing as the matches rolled on. Forced to fight their way through Open Qualifiers, Three Hundred should join the ESL PUBG Master Phase 2 NA Group Stage with loads of practice under their belt and prepared to recapture their glory in the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final.

10. 303 Esports

This team has taken its fans on an up and down roller coaster of emotions dating back to Phase 1 of the ESL PUBG Masters. After taking second place in the LATAM Group Stage, 303 Esports struggled in the Americas lobby and ultimately finished in sixteenth. From there, the team claimed their spot in the PCS4 Americas Grand Final with a top-six performance in the LATAM Groups, before placing 10th Overall against the region’s best teams. Trisk and tplentz are two exciting players to watch and could be the team’s difference-makers during LATAM’s Group Stage of ESL PUBG Masters Phase 2.

9. Trogloditas

Maybe it was just been me, but Trogloditas felt like the team that just wouldn’t go away during the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. It didn’t matter the zone or late-game scenario, TROG as a team, or one of their players acting alone, seemed to always find a way to be involved. Looking at their lineup, it’s tough not to imagine this team returning to the Americas Grand Final following their Group Stage play. NecroAQN was a standout player throughout the PCS4 event, and he’s backed by a trio of extraordinary players in their own right – Execs, killdemo, and rustyzera. If the team can manage to apply the lessons they’ve learned since their last outing, it’s entirely possible that Trogloditas takes another step during Phase 2 of the ESL PUBG Masters.

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