by Ty Brody

On the heels of a demanding group stage, where twenty-four teams battled for their chance to enter the Grand Final, sixteen squads have emerged with the opportunity to take home a share of the $200,000 USD prize pool. The twenty-four match PCS2 Grand Final begins this Thursday, August 27th when a lobby of potential champions drop onto the battlegrounds.

PCS2 North America Grand Finals will be played across three weeks – featuring four matches each on Thursday and Friday. Each day will alternate maps between Miramar and Erangel. With this map order, teams are likely to become familiar with their competitors’ approach and be able to sharpen their map-specific strategies heading into the day. The twenty-four match schedule across three consecutive weeks of play provides for more Grand Finals action than the PCS1 finale. The broadcast will be live on the PUBG Twitch Channel at 4 PM PT / 7 PM EST for the entirety of the Grand Final.


These teams will be competing for a substantial amount of coin, with an initial prize pool of $200,000 USD. Throughout the tournament, fans can contribute to the Grand Finals’ prize pool whenever they purchase any of the PCS2 items available in-game. A percentage of these sales will be added to the original prize pool and go directly to supporting the teams who qualified for the Grand Finals. Don’t forget to jump into PUBG and make your prediction for the winner of the PCS2 Grand Finals for a chance to win exclusive weapons skins. More details can be found here.

Many of the teams wrapped up the PCS2 Group Stage with a comfortable spot in the Grand Finals, but every team will need to re-establish themselves when it matters most. The Group Stage performances from Shoot To KillRadiance, and Oath Gaming resembled championship-level play, but they’ll all start Week One of the Finals with zero points.

During the Group Stage, Shoot To Kill proved again why they’re viewed as one of North America’s strongest teams. As the defending PCS1 NA Champions, STK refused to relax and cruised into the PCS2 Grand Finals – the team continued to control their lobbies and at one point, developed a 100-point lead. Despite their comfortable position atop the leaderboard in the Group Stage, STK was being shadowed by a team that possess all of the necessary weapons to contest the first-place position come Thursday.

That team of course being Radiance, who was able to match the massive point production from Shoot To Kill during the final week of the PCS2 Group Stage. Radiance enters the Grand Finals loaded with players that are full of potential and capable of carrying this team to a PCS2 Championship, the question is, will they be able to maintain the team’s recent success when the mice are being gripped a bit tighter as the finals play out?

The Grand Finals tend to bring out the best in teams, and there are always a few that go above and beyond expectations and perform best when under pressure. Could PCS2 be the story of a surprise underdog? Will one of the consensus “top teams” dominate across the three-weeks? Tune in to find out on August 26 at 4 PM PT / 7 PM EST on the PUBG Twitch channel.

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