by Ty Brody

Week 1 of the PCS3 North America Grand Final surpassed any expectations after an exciting stretch of matches kicked off the opening week. Numerous highlights deserving of another look were produced over the first eight matches as the Grand Final leaderboard started to take shape. The opening week reminded us that Team Veritas is for real, Oath Gaming hasn’t gone anywhere and that Soniqs is STILL one of the most dangerous teams that the region has had the pleasure of watching.


Over the first eight matches of the Grand Final, we’ve already witnessed a handful of moments that displayed the efficiency and firepower that DUEL brought into PCS3. The team is currently sitting in fourth place as we head towards Week 2 and could quickly continue their climb up the leaderboard with a few more plays like this one. On this particular highlight, “Cherry” is able to find an opening knock onto “Lush” from Tactical8. With some help from his teammate “Pentalol” upstairs in the nearby building, the two manage to eliminate Tactical8 and set the team up to ultimately win this match. There are a couple of exciting moments in this skirmish and it speaks to how well DUEL has been playing to start the Grand Final.

After getting the initial knock, both “Pentalol” and “Cherry” begin to throw stun grenades in the direction of Tactical8. As they land, “Cherry” takes the opportunity to change his angle which allows him to flush his initial knock, he also finds a second knock on the player attempting to revive the first downed player. While the broadcast centers on Cherry and his effort to clear out Tactical8, “Pentalol” knocks one of the two standing players inside the building. Nearly at the same time, “Cherry” locates the lone member of Tactical8 on the stairs and finishes the fight he started.


Team Veritas’ great start to the PCS3 Grand Final culminated during Match 3 on Erangel as the team won their first game with nineteen kills! The team was only one kill away from reaching a ridiculous mark of 30-points in a single match when the final enemy player wisely decided to deny the point and fall to the blue zone. The 29-point match certainly helped Team Veritas make a run for first place, but their second and third-place finish in two of the other three matches ensured their spot atop the leaderboard at the end of Day 1.

After their impressive start to Week 1, Team Veritas was unable to find similar success on Day 2. When looking over their point total, the team collected fifty-two points on Day 1 but only added an additional eleven points across their four matches on Day 2. If they’re going to maintain their spot towards the top of the leaderboard, and give Soniqs a run for the first-place position, Team Veritas is going to need more consistent placements from match to match. That’s because kill points are going to come naturally to this roster. “DTreats” is currently leading the Grand Final in that category and “Keenan” isn’t too far behind. The biggest gap between Team Veritas and the Soniqs, at the moment, is the average number of placement points for each match played. If they can close the gap there and find a couple more wins with a decent amount of kills, there is no reason why Team Veritas can’t challenge any of the Grand Final teams for the top spot.


Coming into the PCS3 NA Grand Final there was no mistaken of which teams were the favorites entering Week 1. Starting with their dominant run through the PCS2 NA Grand Final, Soniqs have recently proven to be the most dangerous team in North America. The team has picked up exactly where they left off since their last Grand Final run and currently holds a thirty-two-point lead over second place. Once the team won their first match of the Grand Final, Soniqs began looking and playing like they were in full form for the remainder of Week 1.

Seldom do you find Soniqs out of position, the team seems to always have a favorable foothold in the zone with an ability to avoid early-game fights that typically hurt a team in the long run. Maybe they intentionally pass up a couple of early-game kill points if it means they’re four-strong in the late-game with an opportunity to win the match. The work being done by all four members of this roster, including their coach “Sylogic”, is gradually becoming an unstoppable force that most teams are unable to slow down. If Week 2 looks anything like their play throughout Week 1, we could be witnessing another battle for runner-up.


Week 1 of the Grand Final came to a close on Erangel where Fabled collected their first win with eight kills. The team capitalized on two swift knocks from their leader in Kills and Damage Dealt, Adrian “Haxete” Blom, who eliminates three of the final five players in this late-game zone.

“Haxete” was able to close the distance on Oath’s position inside the crater and began the fight with a knock, he quickly got another and then received some help from Dodge on the final member of Oath. From there, “Haxete” knocks Dodge’s “Adam” while his teammate finds the final kill to secure Fabled’s first win of the Grand Final. This match could be the bright spot that the team needed before heading into Week Two, where they will hopefully be able to build off the success and continue improving their Grand Final standing.

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