by Ty Brody

Since our initial PCS3 NA Grand Final Power Ranking, Week 1 and its eight matches have already come and gone. The current standings represent the total points collected by each squad, but our Power Ranking will concentrate on how teams finished the previous week and enter the upcoming matches with momentum in their favor. Teams will be ranked higher and lower than their current PCS3 NA Grand Final standing, and that’s because we’re focused on how teams played as the week came to a close.

Week 1 delivered a number of interesting storylines surrounding teams who surprised us through the first eight matches. With Soniqs taking over the top spot on Day 2 with a thirty-two-point lead, the rest of our lobby may need to conspire in hopes to slow down the region’s most dominant squad.

 1. Soniqs


Just eight matches in, the Soniqs have already hit their Grand Final stride, strolling through Week 1 to form a 32 point lead over second-place on Day 2. The team played some of their best games to kick off the PCS3 NA Grand Final and will have a comfortable lead on the rest of the pack coming into Week 2.

 2. Guadalajara Gascans


After a quiet start to the Grand Final, the Guadalajara Gascans put together an impressive 40-point performance on Day Two that pushed them up the leaderboard into fifth place. The team earns second on this week’s Power Ranking thanks to their impressive bounce back after a rocky start to the Final, a comeback that featured a fifteen-kill Chicken Dinner during Match 6.

 3. DUEL


Moving up one spot from their current PCS3 NA Grand Final standing, DUEL has played consistently over the first two days of action. The team played great as a balanced four-man squad throughout Week 1 and have now set themselves up for an even better Week 2. Can they keep pace with the likes of Soniqs, Oath, and Veritas? We’ll find out soon.

 4. Oath


Oath couldn’t have had a better start to the Grand Final. A third-place finish followed up the team’s thirteen-kill win to begin the tournament. Unfortunately, Oath struggled to find the top-eight in the next four consecutive matches. Despite their mid-week lull, Oath is still sitting in Third Place just two points behind Team Veritas in second. With a bit more consistency from match to match, paired with the expected contribution from “Snakers” that was absent during Week 1, the team’s Group Stage leader in Kills, Oath is still well within reach of challenging Soniqs for the top spot.

 5. Team Veritas


Holding an eleven-point lead over Soniqs after Day One, Team Veritas entered Day Two in control of their own destiny with four matches to strengthen their first-place standing. However, Day Two would not be kind to our current second-place team after posting fifty-two points to kick off the Grand Final. Team Veritas collected only eleven points over their next four matches, where they continually missed out on securing placement points.

 6. Dodge


Dodge is the only team on our Week 2 Power Ranking to mirror their current Grand Final standing. They’ve played excellently over the first eight matches, and have been an interesting team to watch navigate the mid-game because they’re consistently able to find their footing in the next zone. Dodge are third in the average number of placement points for matches played, which speaks to their survivability and in-game decision-making. Perhaps the team overperformed during Week 1 and we’ll see a drop during Week 2, or maybe Dodge is just getting started?

 7. Fabled


Fabled had a much better Day 2 and found their first win of the Grand Final in the last match of Week 1. This win accounts for nearly half of the team’s opening week point total, but it’s a positive sign for a team that otherwise was fighting to get the ball rolling. Week 2 will present a major turning point for all teams, and Fabled have proven they’re able to snag a win with decent kills when given the opportunity.

 8. Tactical8


Like several of the teams ranked higher in our Week 2 Power Ranking, Tactical8 benefited from a much better Day 2 performance that lifted the team up into eleventh place. The team is collecting valuable kill points and has looked strong during team fights. If Tactical8 manages to win their first match of the Grand Final during Week 2, they could be in a position to begin Week 3 inside the top-eight.

 9. Shoot To Kill


Our Group Stage warriors have not returned to their PCS1 Championship form, yet. However, there are still some positives to take away from STK’s Week 1 performance. They’re currently sitting in seventh place after two identical 24-point days in Week 1. Consistency wins championships but that pace won’t be enough to outscore Soniqs, Oath, or Team Veritas. They’ll need more consistent play and a few high-kill matches to make up the lead Soniqs have started to build.

 10. Houston Hardshifts


Hardshifts got off to a rough start during Week 1 but could quickly leapfrog a number of teams on the leaderboard with their first win of the Grand Final. The team took second place in two matches this past week, if either or both of those would have gone in their favor, the Houston Hardshifts could be sitting in a much better spot heading into Week 2. I like the way the team is playing and they’ve been extremely close to winning a couple of important matches.

 11. Zenith Esports


Forget placement points, just kill everyone in the lobby. Zenith Esports enters Week 2 of the Grand Final with forty-six points, forty of which have been picked up via kill points. They have almost guaranteed themselves as the winners of our “Fast and Furious” Award from the PCS3 Superlatives. During Week 2, if we start to notice Zenith in more and more late-game circles, expect them to make a run towards the top of our leaderboard.

 12. The Rumblers


Rumblers were having a decent start to the Grand Final but took a slight step backward during Day 2. Tenured fans are well aware of the players on this roster and that should still mean something when it comes to Grand Final performance. “LosHD”, “Miccoy”, and “Gaxy” are some of the most experienced and accomplished players from our region and I want to see that manifest during Week 2 of the Grand Final.

 13. Illusion


Illusion has kept itself within reach of teams in the middle of the pack by picking up some valuable kills over the first eight matches. “Icyflex” had four kills during Week 1, but he leads the team in damage dealt and time survived. Alongside “Lightshow”, “Topdawg”, and “Freemeplease” the four-man squad are playing for more than just themselves during this Grand Final and that makes me an even bigger fan of this talented roster with a ton of potential. LLR

 14. Comets


While they may be our last-place team currently, Comets ended Week 1 trending in the right direction with a majority of their points coming in their last two matches. The positive: “Vegas” and “Monte” are two players with the potential to turn things around in a hurry. The negative: The team doesn’t have much room for error considering they’re our leaderboard bottom-dweller. Like every team at this stage of PCS3, this team is individually talented, they just need to come together for a better Week 2.

 15. Any Trolls In Chat


Coming into the Grand Final, ATC was a team we had our eyes on to make a bigger impact than they have thus far. Week 1 wasn’t great but they’ve still got sixteen matches to get “Marcelek” and “Knorkis” back on track. If the team can rely on those two for the incredibly important kill points that drove this team during the PCS2 NA Grand Final, then ATC could begin climbing the leaderboard during Week 2.

 16. One Eye Open


Week 1 was the official Grand Final debut for One Eye Open and they have already proven at times why they made it this far. The team may be at the bottom of our Week Two Power Ranking, but they’re currently tied for fifteenth with ATC and lead Comets by two points in sixteenth place. The biggest goal for One Eye Open during Week 2 of the Grand Final will be to increase their placement points. The team made it into the top-eight of two matches this past week, this could immediately improve their standing and help the team find additional kill points.

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