by Ty Brody

Only days away from the start of the PCS3 North America Grand Final, the region’s top sixteen teams will soon make their return to the battleground to fight for their share of the initial $200,000 USD prize pool. The tournament begins on Thursday, November 5th, and will take place over three weeks before concluding with the crowning of our PCS3 NA Champion. As we’ve witnessed throughout the previous two PCS Grand Finals, this event is certain to display the best North American PUBG Esports has to offer.

For the majority of the teams dropping into the tournament next week, this will be their third-straight appearance in a PCS Grand Final. Conversely, One Eye Open will be the only team of our sixteen making their Finals debut when the action begins, while another three squads make their sophomore run through a Grand Final. Meaning the PCS3 Grand Final lobby is unquestionably our most competitive event to date, loaded with teams and players who have experienced the intense twenty-four match schedule before.

At the front of the pack are a handful of teams who have proven themselves at this stage earlier in the year. Shoot To KillSoniqsOath, and Zenith Esports. Those are the obvious frontrunners of the PCS3 Grand Final and deserve the extra attention for their consistent performances across the previous two PCS Grand Finals. Of those four teams, most people would consider STK and Soniqs as the favorites coming into the tournament, but they’re all extremely capable teams who deserve the distinction of a PCS3 ‘favorite’. We’re all aware of what the consensus top-two teams bring into the Grand Final, STK and Soniqs are the teams to beat without question, and any team that hopes to dethrone them is going to need a strong start during the opening week.

Looking towards the middle of our Group Stage leaderboard, teams such as DodgeHouston HardshiftsTeam Veritas, and DUEL stand out as the teams next in line for their shot at a PCS Championship. Each of these squads has something about their playstyle that could lead them to become PCS3 Champions, but it comes down to in-game decision making and executing when the opportunities present themselves. Dodge has impressed throughout PCS3 and enter the Grand Final with even more matches played as a new roster, plus they’ve had three weeks since qualifying for the event to study and improve from any mistakes in the previous round. The team is in excellent hands with Adam “ADAM” Diddiano at the helm, and the team’s improvement since his arrival was self-evident during the Group Stage.

Sitting just outside of the top-five on the Group Stage leaderboard, Team Veritas could be poised for a statement performance in the PCS3 Grand Final. Playing with confidence and trust in their in-game decision making, Team Veritas showcased their strength against the best teams in the lobby and came out on top throughout the Group Stage. Bringing in “mykLe” and “DTreats” just prior to the start of PCS3 has paid dividends, and it’s clear that the team focused on their communication to alleviate any stress of playing with a new roster. Notwithstanding the roster adjustments, Team Veritas still placed in seventh during the previous round, and like Dodge, have had additional time to build off their Group Stage success.

As mentioned earlier, One Eye Open is the only team making their Grand Final debut on Thursday. Up against players and teams with much more experience in the PCS competition, One Eye Open is going to have to build off the team’s previous round if they intend to make an impression when the PCS3 Grand Final gets underway. The team secured their spot by placing fifteenth in the Group Stage but now have an opportunity to surprise us all with a strong performance in the team’s first Grand Final outing.

Be sure to tune into the PCS3 North America Grand Final to catch all sixteen teams as they fight for their share of the increasing $200,000 USD prize pool. Week One kicks off on Thursday, November 5th at 7 PM EST over on PUBG’s Twitch channel.

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