by Ty Brody

Week 2 of the PCS3 North America Group Stage reshaped our leaderboard as teams continue fighting for a top-sixteen placement and their spot in the PCS3 NA Grand Final. Throughout Week 2’s fifteen matches we were presented with countless highlights from the twenty-four teams, making it quite easy to select moments deserving of a closer look!

The Group Stage continued to showcase the impressive play from our assumed top teams but has also turned our attention to teams we may not have originally set at the top of our PCS3 predictions. So, as we approach the third and final week of the PCS3 Group Stage, it’s going to be interesting to see which teams sneak into our top-sixteen and which are left behind.

If you happened to miss some of the action from Week 2 of the PCS3 NA Group Stage, we’ve got you covered with a few of the most memorable plays and highlights from this past weekend!


At this point, what else can be said about this man? It seems every week we’re given another incredible highlight from the one-man wrecking crew that is James “TGLTN” Giezen. As a team, the Soniqs is already one of the most individually talented teams in PUBG Esports, that’s why plays like this just add insult to injury for opposing players.

“TGLTN” managed to pull off what could potentially be the greatest seat-swap of the year when he found two members from Pros Don’t Snake from the passenger seat of his UAZ. If you’re not impressed by this play, I challenge you to go in-game and try it for yourself, then factor in that it’s against fellow PCS3 players and not your average Silver ranked bot.

It may not have been as flashy as the double seat-swap, but I wanted to add another impressive play from “TGLTN” during Week 2. He pushes a player with 75HP without knowing his exact location and secures another point for the Soniqs. This play is particularly great because “TGLTN” is hit first by the enemy Beryl, something that in our current meta, is almost instant death. Not for Tig, he snaps to his left and wins a fight that he had no business winning.


Oath Gaming had themselves a massive Week 2 outing, securing a spot within the top-five as we head towards the third and final week of the Group Stage. Perhaps a microcosm to their entire weekend, was this play on Miramar that ultimately won them the match.

“Snakers” is able to find a foothold towards the center of the zone as a solo player, drawing the attention of Soniqs as he held out Liberate. From there, “Snakers” enabled his team to apply the necessary pressure on Liberate and Soniqs to win the match with twelve kills.


Fighting to survive an extremely tough scenario up against two enemy squads and the blue zone, “Chubba” tanked the blue for a moment to catch the enemy team off guard. The overall winner of this skirmish may have been Dodge above, as they steal a few points and really put Elus1ve into a lose-lose situation.

The quick thinking and survivability of “Chubba” secured two additional points for the Houston Hardshifts, who went on to have a productive Week 2 and currently round out our top-five.


In the past, we’ve all witnessed the betrayal of teams that opt into the appealing sightlines and elevation of Miramar’s high ground. What was just a convenient scouting position to take harmless shots at enemies below has quickly transformed into a death-defying descent that results in a team’s demise from either relentless enemy fire, pressure from the blue zone, and/or excessive fall damage.

Nevertheless, during Day 2 on Miramar, DUEL made the most of their high-ground positioning and punished numerous teams below. Comets were already in a tough situation with a low likelihood of survival, but things went from bad to worse when “pentalol” landed a Mini-14 knock on the Comets player leaving in a Mirado. This signaled the beginning of the end for Comets as DUEL picked apart the four-man squad below and proceeded on to win the match with ten kills.

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