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of 2020! In PCS3, 64 teams took to Erangel and Miramar for regional bragging rights and a piece of a $800k+ prize pool. 

Whether viewing Asia, North America, APAC, or Europe, we saw some of the world’s finest PUBG teams duke it out mid-circle for an intense weekend of SLR firing, molotov throwing, and clutch teammate revives.

We know it’s difficult to catch every play, match, and spicy PUBG esports moment. Check back here for weekly recaps throughout PCS3, including PUBG Esports Player Stats+(PEPS+) highlights and some of the most fire clips from each region! 

PCS3: Week 1 Standings

The results are in! Week 1 of PCS3 was INTENSE, but your PCS3 leaders are beginning to grit their teeth and rise through the rankings. Here is an overview of current standings from each region in the PUBG Continental Series 3!

PCS3 Week 1: Asia

PCS3 Week 1: North America

PCS3 Week 1: APAC

PCS3 Week 1: Europe

Take your votes now in the Pick’Em Challenge! Keep an eye out to see which teams solidify their lead or fall to the back of the pack. Remember, a team in rank #10-16 might have a stellar PCS3 Week 2 and shake up the standings before PCS3’s final day!

For the full Pick’Em Challenge rundown, check out this article.

ICYMI: Here’s how cool all the PCS3 Exclusive Items look in a dance battle:

Look how fly you can look when you slay the Pick’Em Challenge.

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— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 7, 2020

PCS3 Asia: Too Close to Call

Of the 4 regions in PCS3, Asia might be heating up the fastest! As far as kill points go, the top 5 are all in the same tier, ranging from 41 – 53 kills total in PCS3. At the end of Week 1, Gen.G, the PGC 2019 Champion team, and Infantry, the PCS1 Champion, have fans showing their support in the chat, but both are left at the later-half of the rankings. Let’s not forget – a PCS comeback isn’t unheard of, and it’s too early to out the bottom ranks!

Notably, Multi-Circle Gaming shows the most consistent game sense as they clutch insane kills and maintain great team placements at the end of each match! With only 1 chicken dinner, MCG is looking promising in the ring!

Multi-Circle Gaming’s PEPS+ Team Average after Week 1 of PCS3 Asia has them clocked at a 90% survival score, with obvious attention towards center drops and playing an offensive game.

At the end of Day 2’s last match, MCG stalks prey with flanks, nade offensive, and determined to carry momentum into Week 2 of PCS3! Maybe a potential Pick’Em Challenge option for you all? Let us know!

The 1v3 was too tough of a challenge and the last chicken dinner of the day goes to MCG! 🍗🍗🍗🍗

🥇: Multi Circle Gaming

🥈: Petrichor Road

🥉: @Freecs_PUBG
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Twitch Link: https://t.co/rK4ZOly2TT
YouTube Link: https://t.co/5Pmkr989YG pic.twitter.com/k5rAxrI8Mt

— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 6, 2020

PCS3 North America: Soniqs Continues Dominating!

We know North America’s Soniqs is the hot team to watch moving into PCS3, but how will they carry the momentum with STK, Oath, and Veritas on their tail? In Week 1 of PCS3, Soniqs showed their competence by nearly doubling the #2 rank spot in placement points. A huge advantage when pairing Soniqs to their leading kill point count!

At the end of the first weekend in PCS3, the Top 5 Damage and Kill leaders reflect Week 1 outcomes. Soniqs hold strong positions alongside Veritas’ DTreats, and heavy-contenders STK’s aLOW and Oath’s Relo in the mid.

The final standings of Week 1 from #PCS3 NA shows @soniqsEsports grasping control of these top spots. It hasn’t been easy but can they keep up this pressure? #PUBGEsports pic.twitter.com/793cKBuX7S

— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 7, 2020

We’ve seen some amazing plays from TGLTN and the team in PCS2, but here in PCS3, hwinnn, Shrimzy, and M1ME are all showing their talent! PEPS+ data from PCS3 Week 1 shows that this team is stacked with mechanically inclined and tactical players. Hwinn and TGLTN compliment and balance each other, key to their team’s longevity! Coupled with their teammates, Soniqs is a strong contender in the arena.

PCS3 APAC: Welcome to the LG Divine Show!

It’s fair to expect the leaderboards to shift over the next two weekends, but after LG Divine’s big chicken dinners in APAC, it’s hard to imagine a world where Divine isn’t the first team to clutch two PCS Championships! After Week 1, LG Divine (previously known as Divine Esports, Championship team in PCS2 APAC) has enough chicken dinners to feed each member of their team AND have leftovers! Divine won 4 out of 4 matches on Miramar and 1 on Erangel between Day 1 and Day 2, for a huge placement advantage.

The team to watch, however, is Buriram United Esports who lead Divine in kill points by one and very obviously came out swinging in PCS3 Week 1!

It looks like @buriramesports is coming out swinging, securing one of the first team knocks of #PCS3 APAC!

👉 https://t.co/2crVimkmFu
👉 https://t.co/5Pmkr9pLng
👉 https://t.co/Or24T1MphL #PUBGesports pic.twitter.com/agxfUgRKfL

— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 7, 2020

Let’s take a look at this strong showing from LG Divine before we head into PCS3 Week 2!

Everyone is wondering if they can pull ahead and rock the map a few more times to secure that PCS3 Championship and be the FIRST team to hold the PCS crown twice in 2020.
During Week 1 of PCS3, Divine kept survivability above 78% as a team, finishing 65% of their encounters and outmatching virtually every team in a one for one comparison.

PCS3 Europe: Tornado Energy Storms the Rankings

There’s still a lot of playtime in the PCS3 Europe Grand Final as Tornado Energy narrowly holds the lead at the end of Week 1. While we’re impressed by TE’s team play, Europe fans are looking to Team Liquid, Natus Vincere, and FaZe Clan for hope — all of which are below rank position #6 at this stage of PCS3.

Credit where credit is due as Tornado Energy brought a commanding presence to Day 2, Match 1 with 16 kills and the chicken dinner! 

Congrats to @tornado_pubg for winning #PCS3 Europe Day 2 Match 1!

🥇 @tornado_pubg
🥈 @BystandersPUBG
🥉 @OmakenSports

👉https://t.co/Or24T2409j pic.twitter.com/elPQ5jfrRK

— PUBG Esports (@PUBGEsports) November 8, 2020

Let’s take a look at Tornado Energy’s playstyle, according to PCS3 Week 1 PEPS+:

In almost every PEPS+ stat, Tornado Energy’s average was above 70%. Huge in estimation of successful outcomes against other teams. The real question is whether or not they can carry the momentum into Week 2 beginning Nov 12th! 


Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re still early in PCS3, and calling out winners from Week 1 is not guaranteeing victory (looking at you LG Divine!)

The show continues next weekend with Asia and North America PCS3 Day 3 on November 12th, local time.

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