by Ty Brody

We’re only days away from the start of the PCS4 Americas Grand Final – and the excitement for a continental series finale unlike any before it continues to build as we draw near. Prior to the start of Match 1, there are countless unanswered questions surrounding the teams, the list of returning orgs, the ‘Most Chickens’ format, and how this sixteen-team lobby will shake out over the next three weeks. Fan favorites and determined dark horse squads are preparing to make their run at the PCS4 title, and it all kicks off this Thursday, June 10th.

You can catch all of the action on PUBG Esports’ official social channels, found at the bottom of this page. The first match will commence this Thursday at 4 PM PT / 7 PM EST and continue at the same time Friday. Following the first two days of action, PCS4 Americas Grand Final will resume on the following Thursday and Friday for the next two weeks. Once the thirty-six matches are played over the course of six days, a winner will be crowned PCS4 Americas Champions.


Entering the Grand Final following their time spent at the top of the Group Stage leaderboard, a group of North American powerhouses attempts to pick up right where they left off. TSM FTX, Dignitas, Oath Gaming, Soniqs, and Spacestation Gaming are the immediate favorites in this lobby arriving from the North American Group Stage. These five have established themselves at the top of their region and are aiming to collect as many PGC Points as possible in this tournament.

After finishing the Group Stage on top, TSM FTX is hoping that they’re the ones to break a tradition of Group Stage winners failing to take home the ultimate prize in the Grand Finals. Their performance throughout the previous round was dominant and the team would have been clear winners no matter the format. It’s tough not to get behind this group after witnessing their recent play in the ESL PUBG Masters and PCS4 Group Stage, but the influx of LATAM teams and a change in format could potentially slow this group down. I would say it’s a safe bet to place them inside the top five, but will they claim their second PCS title after winning ESL Masters just one month ago?

Our defending back-to-back-to-back PCS2, PCS3 and PGI.S World Champions have reassembled their squad and enter the PCS4 Grand Finals in search of the team’s fourth consecutive major title. We weren’t witnessing the same Soniqs we’ve become accustomed to during the ESL Masters, largely due to the absence of M1ME, who wouldn’t play a match for the team until this series’ Group Stage. Now, dropping into the battlegrounds with the same roster that won PGI.S, the Soniqs is an obvious favorite to claim another title and add it to the org’s rapidly growing trophy case.

Marking their first series since transitioning to another team, Dignitas enter the PCS4 Americas Grand Final with a roster that’s fully capable of catching fire once the matches get underway. Already a lethal weapon at his team’s disposal, Sparkingg will also be able to contribute valuable insight considering his familiarity with the LATAM teams playing in this final. The team played well throughout the Group Stage and found top-four placements in twelve of the twenty matches. As more of those high placements are converted into Chicken Dinners, expect to see this Dignitas team towards the top of the leaderboard.


Just behind our so-called leaders is a group of dangerous teams that feel they have something to prove during this Grand Final. Wildcard Gaming, eUnited, and Dodge have had their moments throughout this series and roll out rosters that are talented enough to win against the ‘big five’. This group could be where one of our surprise teams arises from because each is primed for a big performance during the final.

After battling through Open Qualifiers, the Group Stage, and Last Chance Qualifier, all of eUnited is ready for their hard work to pay off in the Grand Final. Showing incredible resilience to fight through a grueling stretch in this series has been one of the most impressive efforts we’ve seen in recent times. Now, the team’s aim is to accomplish something that’s unheard of. Go from an Open Qualifiers team to PCS Champions in a matter of weeks. Clearly, this roster is anything but your traditional open qualifier squad, but their journey is still remarkable. “Valliate”, “LosHD”, “Waldoe”, and “Cherry” have been prominent names in the competitive scene for years. Their experience playing against the best throughout PUBG Esports should lend itself to the team’s performance in the Grand Final. If there is one ‘underdog’ to keep your eye on, it’s this team.

Dodge secured first place in the Last Chance Qualifier, earning themselves another shot in the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. “Vegas” and “f1nna” led the way for this team in the previous round and should be players to watch during the Grand Finals. Taking a similar path to the finals, Team Veritas remains a roster with the talent and experience to secure higher placements than they have in recent outings. “Ethan” and “mykLe” provide the team with the necessary firepower to challenge the biggest names in this lobby, but how will the group adapt to the Most Chickens format?


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