by Ty Brody

Sixteen teams have earned themselves one final shot at the PCS4 Americas Grand Final in the Last Chance Qualifier. Following their play in the Group Stage, the eight teams that have placed between seventh and fourteenth in both regions will combine to play a Bo12 over two days. When the dust settles, the top four squads will elude elimination and take the final spots in the PCS4 Americas Grand Final.

The Last Chance Qualifier will place eight teams from two regions against one another to determine the final four teams playing the PCS4 Americas Grand Final. Battling to secure a top-four placement, these teams will have just twelve matches across two days to decide who moves on, and whose tournament ends here. Some of the most prominent teams from each region will have their PCS4 hopes on the line, setting the stage for one exciting series of matches.

The action begins on Saturday, May 22nd with players dropping into the battlegrounds shortly after 4 PM PT / 7 PM EST.

Many of the teams competing in the Last Chance Qualifier have found success in recent events, including Durany Esports, who recently took fifth-place in the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Finals. Of the North American teams, the Guadalajara Gascans, The Rumblers, and Team Veritas are a few squads we can expect a strong showing from. Despite their past success, adapting to a lobby filled with unfamiliar teams and their unique playstyles could be the largest hurdle for those competing in this shortened format. Combine that with the pressure to perform knowing that only the top four teams advance and you’re left with a high-stakes Last Chance Qualifier!


The PCS4 Americas Last Chance Qualifier will be broadcasted live on:

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