by Ty Brody

Everyone deserves a second chance, right? In the Last Chance Qualifier, teams that placed well in their regional Group Stage will get one more opportunity to qualify for the Grand Final. The eight teams that placed between seventh and fourteenth in both sub-region Group Stages have been invited to the LCQ – where four Grand Final invites are up for grabs. There isn’t much time to strategize and reset after a challenging Group Stage either, teams will jump into action later today.

The Last Chance Qualifier offers every team a possibility for redemption, but there is a caveat. Only twelve matches will be played across two days, and half of the lobby is from another region that you are far less familiar with. On top of that, the goal is to be one of the top four teams and earn a spot in the Grand Final.

The Last Chance Qualifier begins later today with the first of six matches, and you can expect fireworks early. It’s possible that we’ve never seen so many decorated teams fighting for the final four spots. TSM FTX, Dignitas, and Spacestation Gaming from North America are enough to get excited about. Toss in the highly dangerous Three Hundred and Dodge.

From the LATAM Group Stage, there are several experienced teams that will unquestionably fight for the top four. A Creche, 303 Esports, and 22 Esports are no stranger to the unified Americas lobby. All of these teams will have their shot at a bounce-back performance in the LCQ later today.


The Last Chance Qualifier will take place on Saturday and Sunday, August 28th and 29th. Eight teams from the NA Group Stage and LATAM Group Stage have combined to play for the final four spots in the PCS5 Americas Grand Final. Twelve matches across two days will determine which teams advance into the final.

  • Saturday, August 28th & Sunday, August 29th
  • 12 Matches (6 each day)
  • ‘Most Chickens’ ruleset


The PCS5 Americas Last Chance Qualifier will be broadcasted live on:

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