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It’s an exciting time for PUBG Esports Americas fans as the best 16 teams across Latin America and North America will clash this weekend when the PUBG Continental Series 6 Grand Final kicks off. Everyone will go home with a piece of the $250,000 prize pool, but only one team will earn a championship chicken crown. 

We’ve got teams who have killed their way to the top from Brazil, a multinational team who clawed their way to a Last Chance Qualifier win without a single first place finish and teams who are hoping to make their first impact on the wide world of competitive PUBG. 

Be sure to catch all the action on Twitch and YouTube as the PCS6 Grand Final runs from April 15th to 17th for Week 1 and April 22nd to 24th for Week 2. Here are some of the biggest storylines to watch headed into the tournament. 

Is there a clear favorite?

Anyone could take this tournament. There are some favorites – including Yaho, eUnited, Bing Bang Boom, Shoot to Kill, and others – but no one stands head and shoulders above everyone else. No team has clearly dominated the competition so we could see some close matches as the first weekend of play gets underway.  Check out our PCS6 Caster Cursed article to see what teams and players our casters think have what it takes to win it all.

How do we expect Latin American and North American teams to match up?

While North America may have the upper hand, teams like 22 Esports and A Creche could adapt risky strategies that put them in direct contact with some of the best American squads. We’ve already seen North America succeed over Latin America in the Last Chance Qualifier, but the Grand Final will be an entirely different battleground. We expect North America to take the cake, but we’re far from counting our friends from the south out of the action. 

Can the Soniqs dynasty continue?

Soniqs are a team that has reached the top of the mountain, built a resort, lived there for a while and are just now starting to make their descent. This squad finished first at PCS2, PCS3, the PUBG Global Invitational 2021 and PCS4. Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki and the rest of the squad came close to a championship crown during PCS5 late last year, but ultimately came up short by placing second. 

Dynasties never last forever, but they hardly go down without a fight. The New England Patriots didn’t win all of their Super Bowls in a row. Even Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls needed a break between three-peats. Soniqs, despite having to qualify for the tournament through the Last Chance Qualifier, have a real chance to compete for another title thanks to their talent and experience. 

Sure the team has changed, PUBG’s tournament format has changed and the world has changed as the years have gone by, but dynasties persevere no matter who wears the crown. It would sure be something if the Soniqs won another. 

Look out for Sharpshot’s Sharp Shots

Like most PUBG players at the top of the leaderboards, Daniel “Sharpshot” Hernandez has been through the roster ringer. He’s moved between a number of teams, including Tempo Storm, Wildcard Gaming, Spacestation Gaming and now Bing Bang Boom. He and his teammates have a real shot at taking the PCS6 trophy home. 

Sharpshot is known for, you guessed it, some fantastically sharp shots. He’s successfully taken out all four members of Soniqs in a single match, he’s taken out a duo from the backseat of a moving sedan and he’s used the tip of a mountain to help him take on three adversaries on the former Oath Gaming squad. It turns out he owned the real estate on that peak all along. 

Sharpshot will be a key factor in Bing Bang Boom’s chance at victory over the next two weeks. Keep an eye on him for some crucial pop offs. 

Look for A Creche hot drops

A Creche dominated the Latin America Regional Playoff through taking gun fights and winning them. This squad will have a whole new challenge when they play North American teams during the Grand Final, but it’s doubtful that their strategy to go for kills changes. 

This squad of Brazilians, even when down and out in past tournaments, have usually taken the fight to the enemy. They’ve hot dropped on Soniqs even though they had no chance to take a victory. All they could do was challenge the top dogs to a fight. 

PUBG Nations Cup provides new motivation

Glory and money isn’t all that’s on the line over the next three weeks. One MVP from Argentina, Brazil, Canada and the United States will earn a roster spot at the PUBG Nations Cup taking place in Thailand later this year. 

The PUBG Nations Cup is one of the most revered events in battle royale history. It’s been near-impossible to host one due to the pandemic – until now – and players from all over the world have been waiting to show that they are from the country with the best PUBG players in the world. 

PCS6 won’t just be about the best team, it’ll be about the best players. An internal calculation taking into account kills, assists, knocks and damage will decide who the MVP is from each country – check out this article for details on our selection process.  Look out for these teams, players and the ensuing mayhem during PCS6 Americas Grand Final at 4 pm PT, starting on April 15th, on Twitch.

And last but certainly not least – don’t forget to play Pick’Em for your chance to win some sweet PCS6 Skins!


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