PCS6 Americas Grand Final Viewer’s Guide


by PUBG Esports

The calm before the storm. In just three weeks the PUBG Continental Series 6 (PCS6) Americas Grand Final will commence. The final four participants have just been decided after an epic weekend of competition at the PCS6 Americas Last Chance Qualifiers. Soon, the top 16 teams from Latin America (LATAM) and North America (NA) will face off for their portion of the $250,000 USD Prize Pool and those sweet, sweet PGC Points.

Prize Pool portions and PGC Points will be awarded based on final placement at the end of the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. The higher a team finishes, the more prize money they will get, and the more PGC points they will receive, which will help decide their place in the PUBG Global Championship later this season. On top of that, special cash prizes will be given to three teams, the Kill Leader, the All-PCS Team, and the Insane Squad.


16 teams have earned their place in the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. Six from LATAM, six from NA, and the final four from the PCS6 Americas Last Chance Qualifier. These 16 teams will face off across 30 matches over 6 days spread over two weekends.

  • 30 Matches, 6 Days
  • Two Weekly Series
  • ‘Most Points’ Ruleset

At the end of the PCS6 Americas Grand Final, the overall placement of a team will determine how many PGC Points they are awarded, as well as how much of the Prize Pool they will receive. The Champion of the event will be awarded a whopping 450 PGC, which will greatly position them to partake in the PUBG Global Championship at the end of the season.


The first weekend of the PCS6 Americas Grand Final begins on Friday, April 15, 2022, with matches on Saturday and Sunday as well. The second weekend of the Grand Final will begin on Friday, April 22, 2022, again with daily matches concluding the event Sunday, April 24, 2022. All matches will begin at 4 PM PT / 7 PM ET.

  • Friday, April 15 – Saturday, April 16 – Sunday, April 17
  • Friday, April 22 – Saturday, April 23 – Sunday, April 24




PGC Points towards the 2022 PUBG Global Championship will be awarded based on a team’s final placement following two weeks of play. The PCS6 Americas Grand Final Champion will earn 450 PGC Points which will greatly help them get to the Grand Championship.


The prize pool of PCS6 is identical across all regions. However, the detailed distribution ratio of the prize pool is different by region. Please refer to the prize pool image for details.

  • Basic Prize : $230,000
  • Special Prizes : $20,000
    • KILL LEADER ($5,000)
      • Prize granted to the player with the most kills
      • Prize will be distributed evenly in the case of a tie
    • ALL-PCS TEAM ($10,000)
      • Prize granted to 4 best performing players in the Series
    • INSANE SQUAD ($5,000)
      • Prize granted to the team which showed the most impressive moment in the Series
    • Winners of the Special prize will be carefully chosen by the selection group.


PCS6 North America Regional Playoff will be broadcast live on:

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