by Ty Brody

PGI.S Rank Decision was responsible for an assemblage of excellent matches over its swift three-day schedule. Whether it was the impressive team performances, high kill-count wins, or a particular bridge camp that served as the microcosm to why this tournament is so exciting, the opening weekend of PGI.S could not have delivered more for the viewer. Heading into an event that features the biggest names throughout the esport, memorable highlights are to be expected. The opening weekend taught us a lot about the teams competing in PGI.S, but what can we expect from each team as we enter the Weekly Survival?

For every team, the goal of the Rank Decision was straightforward, simply secure a spot within the top-sixteen and begin preparing for the first of six Weekly Survivals. The first match of Rank Decision ended with the Americas’ top team reigning triumphant, as Soniqs quickly made their presence known on the global stage. Great play from the team as a whole pushed the Soniqs towards the top of the leaderboard, as they played their style of PUBG despite the high stakes and fiercely competitive lobby. The success of North American teams would be a recurring trend for a large portion of Rank Decision, Shoot To Kill returned to the dominant form we’ve seen in the past and did so while showcasing their ability to execute well-conceived strategy.

Outside of the Americas, there were a handful of standout teams, including China’s trio of Tianba, Four Angry Men, and Infantry. Each team secured a spot within the Weekly Survival during the Rank Decision, giving themselves a chance at all sixteen matches to secure a win and advance into the Weekly Final. Following the first five matches of the Weekly Survival, Infantry have already earned their spot in the Weekly Final.


Rank Decision provided an exciting glimpse at each of the thirty-two teams. If you’re a fan of the Soniqs, you’re loving what it said about your team. These matches proved that the Soniqs, and North America as a whole, are no longer as far behind on the global stage as we’ve seen in years past. Granted, it was a performance during a short-form tournament where the final placement is not met with prize money, but still, their play during this event showed their potential up against the best teams in the world. Playing effective with or without all four members, dominating late-game circles, the Soniqs looked as good, if not better, than their PCS3 NA Championship selves.


Adjustments to the playstyle of their opponents or the heightened level of competition were apparent for a handful of teams during Rank Decision. We witnessed some teams settle in for two matches, but fail to sustain any consistent placement or kill total, which ultimately resulted in a less-than-ideal final standing. Unfortunately, any placement outside of the top-sixteen results in some downtime during the Weekly Survival while other teams qualify for the Weekly Final. The number of matches that a team is sidelined depends on their final placement on the Rank Decision leaderboard. For example, FaZe Clan will be forced to sit and watch nine teams punch their ticket to the Weekly Final before entering the Weekly Survival lobby for their opportunity to advance. Over the past couple of days, many fans have blamed the team’s placement on a particular North American squad for their perfectly-executed tact during the second to last match of Rank Decision. Shoot To Kill hot dropped FaZe inside Mylta and made the remainder of their match a nightmare for a team needing every potential point in order to climb the leaderboard. The plan worked to perfection and the thought process behind STK’s decision is foolproof.


There wasn’t a single person predicting the defending PCS3 Asia Champions to finish at the bottom of the Rank Decision leaderboard. With only 36 Points, Multi Circle Gaming placed in 32nd and will not receive an opportunity to secure themselves a spot in the Weekly Final. This team was chosen as a no brainer for the top-sixteen heading into the Rank Decision. Unfortunately, the MCG that overcame Asia’s incredibly talented PCS3 Grand Final lobby, was not present over the weekend during the Rank Decision matches. Hopefully, this was the bad week that every team is likely to run into at some point during a six-week event, and luckily for MCG, it occurred when the prize money was at its lowest.


Now that all sixteen teams have been ranked, the Weekly Survival will determine which teams advance into the Weekly Final! As teams secure a Chicken Dinner during the Weekly Survival, they’ll punch their ticket to this weekend’s final and be removed from the lobby, opening one slot for the next highest-ranked team. This repeats until all sixteen spots in the Weekly Final have been occupied. So far, eleven teams have obtained their spot in the final.


This leaves five more vacant spots in the first Weekly Final. Points are not a factor in the Weekly Survival, and winning a match is every team’s top priority. As the matches continue, a new team will be introduced into the lobby, keeping the action fresh with a new group of sixteen teams each round. Taking a look at the elven open spots, which teams do you think will find a Chicken Dinner this week? Tune in and find out!

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