by Ty Brody

As the tenth and final match of Weekly Final #2 came to a close, PGI.S had taken full form and started to truly feel like a PUBG Esports global event. Four Angry Men resided atop the leaderboard, Gen.G had just won the match and finished in third, and teams were exacting their revenge and starting new rivalries in the process. Everything we’ve come to know and love about these international events that feature the best teams in the world was on display this past weekend. The second Weekly Final offered a full spectrum of moments to remember – legends of the esport producing incredible highlights or the disappointment from teams unable to achieve their goals this week.

If you aren’t a fan of anyone’s team, in particular, you were likely able to sit back and enjoy another exciting weekend of PUBG Esports action. If you were invested in one team specifically, the past two days may have been a difficult forty-eight hours for you. Throughout the leaderboard, teams were bouncing in and out of the top-four placements that award teams with prize money. Anything outside of these four spots leaves the team empty-handed and their focus shifts back to qualifying for the next final on Tuesday.

Amidst all of the jockeying for position, some incredible moments transpired as teams fought for every potential point. Here’s a quick round-up of some of our favorites from this past weekend.


After missing out on the first Weekly Final, Zenith Esports battled their way into the second final with a win during Match 15 – playing eight rounds before securing their seat in the weekend’s lobby. On Saturday, Zenith snapped out of a difficult three-game stretch to open the final and made their presence known with a twelve-kill win on Erangel during Match 4. Roth, the team’s in-game leader received credit with five of the kills, but Kickstart would ultimately lead the team in Kills and Damage Dealt by the end of the ten matches.

For fans of Zenith Esports, and North American PUBG in general, it’s reassuring to see the team secure a high-kill win against the best fifteen teams at PGI.S. While their final standing may not have been to their liking, the performances within their first Weekly Final can be used to built success in future weeks.


If he hadn’t already provided us with enough highlights during this event, Conaxy of Buriram United Esports hits this knock onto Afreeca Freecs during their rotation with an SKS and 2X scope. This man is playing on another level at the moment, and the team’s results can be directly attributed to a few of his impressive plays.


Four Angry Men are beginning to look like the team fans were expecting to see in Week One of PGI.S. They’re gaining control of late-game circles and taking smart engagements with enemy teams. Weekly Final #2 proved that the dominant 4AM that many of us expected to see open-up play last week has indeed arrived and have already begun stacking their prize money earnings. In the first match to begin Day Two of this past weekend’s final, Four Angry Men had collected eleven kills and only was standing between them and the win now.

If this is the 4AM we can expect to see in the upcoming Weekly Final, I might as well toss my voting coupons their way now.


Two matches later on Erangel, made a call to push and eliminate GEX from a valuable compound inside the Sosnovka Island circle. Employing nearly every lethal throwable the team had, GEX miraculously dodged the barrage from VP and managed to make it outside. From there, they flipped the script and quickly knocked down to one player, H1RUZEN.

As his team was torn apart by GEX, H1RUZEN went on the attack and found three members of GEX just as fast. He was able to insolate each player and ultimately win each fight against all four members of GEX, wiping them from the lobby. The players lost to make this happen was unfortunate for VP, but the incredible highlight from H1RUZEN deserves a mention in our highlight recap.


After making a dramatic climb in the final matches of the first Weekly Final, it was no surprise to see Shoot To Kill ascending our leaderboard on Day Two of Weekly Final #2. Following a pair of mediocre matches on Miramar, the team showed up on Erangel to place themselves right back into a top-four standing heading into the final match.

STK managed to secure a second and first-place finish in the two Erangel matches that preceded the tenth and final round. By a slim margin, the current PGI.S Prize Money leader was one solid game away from walking away with another substantial chunk of change to add to their total. Unfortunately, the team was eliminated in eleventh with just one kill, opening up their top-four spot to teams still fighting in Match 10.

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