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The first 4 weeks of PGI.S could be considered a training ground for teams as they aim to qualify in the final two Weekly Final weekends for BIG cash prizes. In the upcoming Weekly Final, teams will play for a staggering $300k and crowd-funding 1st Place prize! Teams that land 2nd-4th will add $150k and $75k to their prize rank, respectively. Now is the time for teams to kick it into high gear and thrive in the Weekly Final!

The penultimate Weekly Final and Bottom16 are now finalized and, similar to last week, there are huge surprises and both lobbies could deliver unexpected results!

Between March 20-21st, PGI.S will broadcast redemption round Bottom16 matches at 1PM KST / 5AM CET / 9PM PDT (March 19th-20th) and Weekly Final at 7PM KST / 11AM CET / 3AM PDT!

Make sure to vote for Weekly Top 4 teams and Weekly Kill Point MVP in the Pick’Em Challenge for a chance to score 200k EP


The PGI.S Week 4 Weekly Series ended with Zenith’s moment in the spotlight! The NA team stood in 1st at $352,459 with FaZe Clan in 2nd. But in the Week 5 Weekly Survival, neither of those teams qualified for Weekly Final.

Of the Top 10 Prize Rank teams, Digital Athletics, Gen.G,, Daytrade Gaming, Multi Circle Gaming, and infantry were able to score a ticket to the Week 5 Weekly Final. Shoot To Kill and Four Angry Men, like Zenith and FaZe Clan, will be in the Bottom16 for Week 5.


Only two teams have their first bout in the Weekly Final in Week 5-ENTER.FORCE 36 and DivisionX Gaming! With a large cash prize on the line, can a lower-rank team take it to the top of the Prize Rank?!

Team Liquid failed to qualify for Weekly Final, exiting the 5/5 club and leaving just Afreeca Freecs, Oath, and Gen.G as three teams still holding onto the 100% Weekly Final success rate.


No one could have expected the outcome of Weekly Survival Week 5 after the insanity in Day 1. The day began in flashes of gold on the broadcast prior to 16 teams dropping into Match 1!

In a Final 4 between Petrichor Road, Multi Circle Gaming, infantry, and Daytrade Gaming, Petrichor Road took home the chicken dinner as Multi Circle Gaming threw down 2,039 damage in the round!

Match 2 was a story of the underdog as Digital Athletics’ Mitraleius out-lasted as a solo snake over multiple teams before taking the win in a tense 1vs1 against Afreeca Freecs’ Akad.

Intensity mounted throughout Matches 3-5 as META GAMING third-parties DWG KIA and Gen.G in Match 3, infantry held full-squad positioning in Match 4, and NAVI scored a much-deserved win against T1 in Match 5. Teams must fight the temptation to play aggressively in Weekly Survival, else weakening themselves before the end game.

  • Match 1: Petrichor Road (CN)-$10,000
  • Match 2: Digital Athletics (EU)-$6,000
  • Match 3: META GAMING (LATAM)-$5,000
  • Match 4: infantry (CN)-$4,000
  • Match 5: NAVI (EU)-$3,000


After Day 1, North American and Korean teams seemed to feel the pressure as Oath, Soniqs, Gen.G, and Afreeca Freecs secured 4 of the 6 matches alongside powerhouse team Multi Circle Gaming and newcomer ENTER.FORCE 36.

Teams kept engaging heavily pre-maturely to match end-a strategy that does not work in Survival of the Fittest! In PGI.S Weekly Survival-to live is to outlast! Oath’s first-match win capitalized on patience against Tianba Esports onslaught on T1 and ENCE.

A 3vs3 between Gen.G and Multi Circle Gaming in Match 7 ended up benefiting Multi Circle Gaming after Pio fell early battle. Gen.G came back with a vengeance in Match 8, make sure to not miss the opportunity in a 4vs4 against Daytrade Gaming.

The North American rager that ended Match 9 was between Soniqs and Shoot to Kill-you could feel the intention behind every player’s input! Soniqs took the chicken dinner with 13-kills in the round!

Even as Buriram United Esports continued to play impressive matches, their aggression typically benefitted a third-party team! After destroying Afreeca Freecs, ENTER.FORCE 36 was able to push ahead for their first Weekly Final win! In the final match of the day, Afreeca Freecs dominated with a 17-kill chicken dinner supported by throwables and the previous match fueling their desire to conquer.

  • Match 6: Oath (NA)-$2,000
  • Match 7: Multi Circle Gaming (CN)-$1,000
  • Match 8: Gen.G (KR)-$1,000
  • Match 9: Soniqs (NA)
  • Match 10: ENTER.FORCE 36 (NA)
  • Match 11: Afreeca Freecs (KR)


For teams still in Weekly Survival matches, Day 3 pressure weighs heavy. In team pushes and solo-snakes, you can feel the desperation in the playing strategically to be the final team standing. Constantly restocking throwables, rotating with vehicles, and playing low-to-the-ground is key!

With only 5 spots left and plenty of teams interested in a win, Day 3 started took off in a flash! In Match 12, Daytrade Gaming played a patient gentlemen’s game-waiting until it was completely safe in the Top 3 teams to push DivisionX Gaming for the win. T1 ended Match 13 with 7-kills and the chicken dinner against Team Liquid-seemingly ending the chances of Team Liquid’s 5/5 Weekly Final win-streak.

DivisionX Gaming ended up in the final two teams during Matches 14, after losing in 2nd place in Match 12. Is this the start of their redemption arc headed into Weekly Final for the first time?

With only 3 games in Weekly Survival, proved their skill level with an incredible 11-kill win against Shoot to Kill and Attack All Around!

At the end of Day 3, Tianba Esports was fully prepared to take the win in the Top 4 teams as the only full-squad! Zenith tried to hold it down but cracked under the 1vs4 pressure.

  • Match 12: Daytrade Gaming (SEA)
  • Match 13: T1 (KR)
  • Match 14: DivisionX Gaming (SEA)
  • Match 15: (EU)
  • Match 16: Tianba esports (CN)


The Bottom 16 features high-ranking teams and is especially important ahead of the final Weekly Survival matches in Week 6! These matches are sure to be heated in the end-game of the competition.
This is the final Bottom 16 to set up the last Weekly Series in PGI.S! Now more than ever, it’s important for teams to stay focused and rank highest in Bottom16 to better set themselves up for next week’s last Weekly Survival matches.

Catch the Bottom16 on March 20th and 21st at 1 PM KST / 5 AM CET / 9 PM PDT (March 19th and 20th)!

Make sure to vote for Weekly Top 4 Teams and Weekly Kill Point MVP in the Pick’Em Challenge before Weekly Final Week 5 kicks off on Saturday, March 20th at 7 PM KST / 11 AM CET / 3 AM PDT!


Stay tuned to find out which teams deliver in PGI.S!

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