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by PUBG Esports

The PUBG Continental Series 6 Grand Final is here, and with it a hot new set of PCS skins and a new Pick ‘Em Challenge.  The Americas Grand Final begins on Friday, April 15, 2022.  Watch all of the action LIVE on our Twitch channel here!

But before you tune in, don’t forget to submit your Pick ‘Em selects for a chance to win!


Starting April 6, 2022, fans can participate and pick’em to earn EP and some sick PCS6 skins. That’s right – the PUBG esports tab is back!

To enter the Esports tab, simply click on the PCS logo in the menu. Here, you will be able to learn general information about the ongoing PCS6 tournament. You can also click on the button at the bottom left corner to head on to the official PUBG Esports website to see details of the tournament.  You can also browse through the Esports tab to check out the fancy PCS6 items and plan your picks in advance! 

PCS6 Item Sales Period

  • PC: March 16th ~ May 6th UTC 08:00 (EDT 4:00am) UTC 08:00 (EDT 4:00am)
  • Console: March 24th ~ May 6th UTC 08:00 (EDT 4:00am) UTC 08:00 (EDT 4:00am) 

PCS6 Pick’em Challenge Voting Period

  • APAC/AM Start: April 6th UTC 02:00 (April 5th EDT 10:00pm)
  • APAC/AM End: April 22nd UTC 09:00 (EDT 5:00am)
  • ASIA/EU Start: April 25th UTC 02:00 (April 24th EDT 10:00pm)
  • ASIA/EU End: May 6th UTC 09:00 (EDT 5:00am)

PCS6 Pick’em Reward Claiming Period

  • APAC/AM Pick the winner rewards: April 26th UTC 02:00 (EDT 10:00pm)
  • ASIA/EU Pick the winner rewards: May 10th UTC 02:00 (EDT 10:00pm)
  • Team Faceoff rewards: May 10th UTC 02:00 (EDT 10:00pm)
  • End of all reward claim period: May 25th UTC 02:00 (EDT 10:00pm)


  • PCS6 Mega Bundle (5 voting coupons)
  • PCS6 Weapon & Parachute Bundle (3 voting coupons)
  • PCS6 Brushstroke Clothing Set (1 voting coupon)
  • PCS6 Gear Bundle (1 voting coupon)
  • PCS6 – Triumph & Anguish Dance (1 voting coupon)
  • PCS6 Brushstroke Mini14 (1 voting coupon)
  • PCS6 Brushstroke K2 (1 voting coupon)
  • PCS6 Parachute (1 voting coupon)


​These goodies will be available for a win with your Esports points!

  • PCS6 Brushstroke – Pan
  • PCS6 Hairstyle
  • PCS6 Brushstroke – M416
  • “PCS6” Motorbike
  • PCS6 Game Face Makeup

* 30% of PUBG net sales of PCS6 items will be distributed to the teams according to their final results.

** Pick’em Challenge is not available for the Console platform. However, all PCS6 items will be available for purchase from the store.


The PCS6 Pick’em Challenge will begin on April 6th, with the last entries closing on April 21st at 17:00 KST. Don’t forget to participate in all the challenges before it’s too late!

Event 1: Pick the Winner

The first event of the Pick’em challenge is to predict the four regional champions of PCS6.

You can vote up to 7 teams out of 16 teams per region, with correct predictions granting 100,000 EP per correct regional selection. Correctly guess the winner of all four regions to win a grand total of 400,000 EP!

Event 2: Team Face-Off

The second event of the party, guess the correct winner of two rival teams to earn EP. Each region will have 4 team pairs to vote on, predict which team will perform better. This is a free event, so don’t forget to make your predictions to win free rewards!

EP payouts range from 400 to 7600 depending on the vote disparity between favorite and underdog.Check out the event summary page to take a glance at the live voting status and collect rewards.


Participate in Pick & Go Bingo at the official PUBG Esports Twitch channel. Compete with nine other players randomly matched with you from the chat and score the highest points to earn free EP!

  • You earn points every time your selected teams eliminate other players.
  • If all teams placed in a straight line earn a point, it’s a bingo! Each bingo will grant bonus points.
  • If a selected team placed in the center successfully wins a chicken dinner, you’ll be granted 1,000 bonus points
  • Bonus placement points are also granted for teams placing in the top 8. Pick wisely! 
  • A new Pick & Go game starts each match, so play as much as you want to win more!


Earn free voting coupons and EP by simply watching and interacting during the tournament!

Free Voting Coupons

Tune into PCS6 live streams for a special code that pops up during the games.  You will be able to grab 2 voting coupons from the first week of APAC/AMERICAS and ASIA/EUROPE streams, so don’t forget to stay tuned as the tournament begins!

Twitch Drops

Watch PCS6 at official PUBG Twitch broadcasts to receive free EP drops during the tournament!

  • Viewers must have a KRAFTON ID linked to their platform (e.g. Steam) and Twitch Account to receive EP drops.
  • Visit to create your KRAFTON ID or check and ensure your accounts are successfully linked.

The PCS6 Grand Finals are just around the corner! Which teams will be crowned regional champion?  Join in on the action and excitement of PCS6, PUBG Esports, and the Pick’em Challenge beginning April 15, 2022 at 4pm PST!


PCS6 North America Regional Playoff will be broadcast live on:

Be sure to follow PUBG Esports on social media to stay up to date on all the action

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