PNC 2022 Pick’em Challenge


by PUBG Esports

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!
The PUBG Nations Cup is back and right around the corner! With its return, we’re gearing up for a new Pick’em Challenge!
Starting June 16th, 16 teams from around the world will face off in Bangkok, Thailand to prove their nation is the best PUBG has to offer! Like before, you can cast your votes for participating teams in order to earn Esports Points to exchange for free Esports gear in the shop.
Let’s dive in and learn more!


The PUBG esports tab is back and up and running!
Dive into the esports tab to learn general information about the PNC 2022 tournament. You can also click on the button at the bottom left corner to head on to the dedicated PNC 2022 Event Website. There, you can also learn deeper about the PNC 2022 and participate in online promotions. Give it a try!


  • PNC 2022 All-in-one Bundle    
    • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Hat 
    • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Jacket   
    • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Legs   
    • PNC 2022 Hotstreak Boots   
    • PNC 2022 Hotstreak – M416   
    • PNC 2022 Dance – Champion’s Struggle
    • + 5 Voting Coupons
  • PNC 2022 Tech Vest (Level 2) (EP ITEM)

* 30% of PUBG net sales of PNC 2022 items will be distributed to the teams according to their final results.
** Pick’em Challenge is not available for the Console platform. However, all PNC 2022 items will be available for purchase from the store.
*** The items shown in this post may reappear through other in-game platforms (such as Your Shop, etc.) and/or events and promotions even after their Store sales periods.

PNC 2022 Pick’em Challenge Schedule

The Pick’em Challenge for PUBG Nations Cup starts now

Starting from June 8th you will be able to both purchase PNC 2022 items and cast your picks. No worries for the console players! Pickem items will be also available on the console from June 16th to 29th.

  • PNC 2022 Item Sales Period
    • PC: June 8th ~ June 17th UTC 08:00 (KST 17:00) 
    • Console: June 16th ~ June 29th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00) 
  • PNC 2022 Pick’em Challenge Voting Period
    • June 8th ~ June 17th UTC 09:00 (KST 18:00) 
  • PNC 2022 Pick’em Reward Claiming Period
    • June 21st UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00) ~ June 29th UTC 02:00 (KST 11:00)

PNC 2022 Pick’em Challenge Details

PNC 2022 Pick’em Challenge will last only around a week! The window will be very narrow so plan your picks wisely but also fast!

Event: Pick the winner

Your challenge is simple but won’t be that easy. Cast your vote on the team which you think will win the tournament. You can cast max 7 votes out of 16 teams. If your chosen team victors, you will be rewarded with 100,000EP! Earned Esport Points can be spent at the Esports Shop for a reward.

FREE Voting Coupons, EP and more!
Earn free voting coupons and EP by simply watching and interacting during the tournament! 

Free Voting Coupons
Tune into PNC official livesteams for a chance at a special code that grants a free voting coupon! 

  • The code will only be available on the very first day of PNC 2022, so watch the live broadcast closely and grab your free coupon!

One more easy way to earn a voting coupon is to simply visit the in-game event tab. 

  • Click the Join Event button 
  • Complete a couple easy missions
  • Earn a voting coupon! Easy!

Twitch Drops

Watch PNC 2022 at official PUBG Twitch broadcasts to receive free EP drops during the tournament! 

  • Viewers must have a KRAFTON ID linked to their platform (e.g. Steam) and Twitch Account to receive EP drops.

Pick & Go
Participate in Pick & Go Bingo at the official PUBG Esports Twitch channel. Compete with nine other players randomly matched with you from the chat and score the highest points to earn free EP!

  • You earn points every time your selected teams eliminate other players.
    • If all teams placed in a straight line earn a point, it’s a bingo! Each bingo will grant bonus points.
    • If a selected team placed in the center successfully wins a chicken dinner, you’ll be granted 1,000 bonus points
    • Bonus placement points are also granted for teams placing in the top 8. Pick wisely! 
  • A new Pick & Go game starts each match, so play as much as you want to win more!

Nations Cup Fantasy League 

New way to earn PNC gear! Visit to play the official PUBG Nations Cup 2022 Fantasy League.
Simply sign into to build your own team and earn points as your roster of players compete in PNC 2022! 
Here, you will be able to build your own fantasy team and compete with other players! Can your fantasy team dominate the tournament? 

  • The Top 10 players in the Fantasy League will be awarded with G-Coin and a Full PNC Mega Bundle!
  • The top-ranking player will be awarded extra goodies & a signed shirt!

To learn more about Twire Fantasy League, click on the following LINK

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