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With PNC 2022 a couple of weeks away, we’ve been closely evaluating each of the 16 participating nations and their teams. From the selection process, to the individual player stats, to the history in international events, we’re doing our best to forecast how we think each team will perform when nations clash in Bangkok on June 16th. One element we have not yet examined is the position of team coach. A coach is obviously a critical role in any PUBG match, but these coaches have a particularly difficult challenge heading into PNC. Most of the players on these PNC teams do not normally compete together, meaning coaches will have the responsibility of fostering cooperation and teamwork on a very advanced timeframe. To get an idea of their strategy and approach to this task, we’ve interviewed the four different Americas coaches.  Next up is team Brazil’s rbNN1 from A Creche.

How is it to be chosen as your country’s coach for PNC 2022? 

It’s an honor to be chosen as Brazil’s coach for this PNC. In Brazil, almost every single child dreams of wearing green and yellow and representing Brazil in football. I didn’t achieve this by playing football, but I realized the dream of wearing our colors and representing our country in PUBG.

Can you tell me a little bit about your players?  

They are players of the highest level. They are all exceptional fraggers and they are very smart when playing. I couldn’t have asked for a better team to practice with.

What are your roster’s main strengths?

I think the strongest point my players have is the fact that they are still very young. They are players of the highest caliber, with very good aim and great in-game decision-making skills. It is a very strong core, and it will be very difficult for every other team fighting with us on the server.

What are your main roles and responsibilities with regard to the team?

I do the basics with the guys. I teach them a little bit of my game mode in Miramar, because we will drop into the same spot that my team usually drops into, and this will benefit us a lot in this tournament. I also try to fix some mistakes we made in scrims, and it’s basically that.

What are the unique challenges related to coaching a national roster in comparison to a regular team?

Well, I’m not a coach and this is my first time being one, so it’s something new for me, but not too different from the things I already do on a day-to-day basis for my team. Overall, it’s been pretty smooth.

How have you been devising your strategy for the event?

It’s hard to make a game plan for a tournament where every team is new and you don’t even know what the other teams’ play styles are because they don’t know yet. That being said, my players are extremely aggressive, they really like to exchange shots, and we’re definitely going to be a team that gets a lot of kills.

Do your tactics differ as the players do not normally compete together? 

I believe this is the strongest aspect of our team. Vhz, lfp, sparkingg, and I have played together for a long time, and ever since sparkingg was our IGL, which he has been for a while, we have always had the same play style. We all have a lot of similar ideas and for sure we won’t have any problems with collaboration. On the contrary, we will be benefited by having already played together.

Is the team gelling well together? How do you build a strong team ethos?

Yes, for sure. The atmosphere within the team is good, we are long-time friends and our relationship is very good. I believe a team always needs to be very focused, and everyone needs to care and want to achieve the same result. In this team, I can see that because everyone is very focused and really wants to bring this title back to Brazil. We will enter the server knowing that we are very capable of returning home with this championship.

Tensions can run high at such a big event, how do you ensure that players keep their cool?

Of course, playing a tournament on LAN has increased pressure and, with that, comes a little nervousness. Plus, we have 2 players who have never played an event in person. But my players know they are capable of doing what they have to do. That’s why they were chosen, so

I believe that this nervousness will not harm us in this tournament.

Which nations do you think have the strongest players?

China. I believe they have a very strong team and they are one of the favorites to win this tournament.

Do you think different countries/regions have different styles? If so, how? Can you see any rivalries developing amongst the different nations?

I think so. In my opinion it’s Asia vs Europe. In Asia, their play style is more aggressive, and their players are always looking for kills. In Europe, the teams give more value to positioning and getting more placement points. Regarding rivalries, I think those will develop too, because the winning region will be considered the best region in the game, so I do believe we are going to have rivalries between certain regions/nations.

Final Thoughts: Any fan message/request for support/anything else you want the community to know?

For sure! I would like to ask for the support of all Brazilians who like PUBG and those who don’t too, because we will be representing our entire nation and anyone who wants to follow and cheer

for us will be very welcome. I would also like to say that this is the best lineup that Brazil could have and we are training hard to bring the title home, believe me, and expect a lot from our team!

Keep up with the other coaches as we share our interviews with them in the coming weeks, and don’t forget to watch PNC 2022 from June 16-19th.


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