by Ty Brody

As we approach the PCS2 North America Grand Final, each of our sixteen qualified teams is coming off of an intense Group Stage which demonstrated the parity throughout North American PUBG Esports. Just days from the start of the PCS2 Grand Final, we’ve taken a look at how each team performed towards the latter matches of the Group Stage and ranked them based on their most recent performances.

It’s important to remember, all sixteen of the Grand Final teams have the opportunity to start fresh and make adjustments from their previous stage performances. However, our PCS2 NA Grand Final Week One Power Ranking will focus on each team’s play heading into the first match.

Part 1 of our Power Rankings will focus on the teams ranked from 9th to 16th, in descending order. Check out Part 2 tomorrow!

  1. FABLED 
    Group Stage: 16th Place – 134 Points

The roster that qualified and exceeded all expectations during the PCS1 Grand Finals underwent a couple of changes prior to the start of PCS2. With the additions of Adrian “Haxete” Blom and Jonathan “rhyp” Eklund, it was easy to envision an even better performance from Fabled coming into the PCS2 Group Stage. That said, rosters can take time to come together and the Fabled we saw during the PCS1 Grand Final was nowhere to be seen.

Thankfully, the team managed to come together during Week Three and snuck into the Grand Final as the sixteenth and final team to qualify. Now, it’s up to Fabled to recreate their PCS1 magic and dazzle everyone with their performance in the PCS2 Grand Final.

    Group Stage: 10th Place – 174 Points

One of North America’s strongest teams throughout PCS1, bolstered by their fifth-place finish in the previous Grand Final, Zenith Esports looked strong in Week One of the Group Stage but struggled to close out the remaining matches. The important part, it doesn’t matter now because they’ve already qualified for the Grand Final, however, it does matter in terms of their placement on our Week One Power Rankings.

Zenith Esports is one of the most exciting teams to follow during a tournament. They have dependable in-game decision-making from the team’s IGL, Dylan “Roth” Short, and exciting playmakers in Matt “Kickstart” Smith and Brian “Lataa” Skonning. At the end of the day, these rankings are only a look at how teams finished leading into the Grand Final. Don’t be shocked if Zenith makes a major jump in our Week Two Power Ranking.

    Group Stage: 11th Place – 174 Points

Had our rankings been published after Week One of the Group Stage, Any Trolls In Chat may have broken into the top-five, the team looked that great during the opening week of play. However, ATC earns themselves the fourteenth place on our list based on their performance in the two weeks that followed their grand entrance.

The team’s top performers, Michal “KnorkiS” Blawat and Joshua “Aghila” Paragnel, led the team in all major player statistics throughout the Group Stage. Fortunately for ATC, and their fans, the first-week accumulation of points was sufficient to get the team into the Grand Final since they struggled in Week Two, and marked a slight improvement to wrap things up during Week Three. While it’s difficult to see a team that placed eleventh in the Group Stage ranked in fourteenth on our list, Any Trolls In Chat weren’t as effective as their opponents down the stretch.

    Group Stage: 13th Place – 162 Points

Adhering to their Group Stage standing in our Week One Power Ranking, Carnage Gaming enters the Grand Final with some room for improvement after kicking things off with a bang in the first match of the Group Stage. Carnage jumped out of the gates with a thirteen-kill Chicken Dinner and established themselves as a Grand Final contender early on. Unfortunately, the team was unable to replicate their Week One performance in either of their next outings.

Carnage Gaming has proven they’re able to win matches paired with a large number of kills, the concerns arise from the team’s failure to string together a series of productive matches. If the team can improve on their consistency, expect to see Carnage ranked much higher in the Week 2 Power Rankings.

  1. DUEL 
    Group Stage: 15th Place – 156 Points

There aren’t many teams with as much roster experience as DUEL, entering the Grand Final as one of the most experienced teams. The team’s performance throughout the opening and closing of the Group Stage offered us a great look at their leading fragger, Alexander “Cherry” Penner, who made a trip to the 2019 PUBG Global Championship as a member of The Rumblers.

Since winning the PCS1 NA Challenger Cup, DUEL welcomed Daniel “DannyG” Guerra to their roster and designated “TonyV” as a substitute. DUEL narrowly qualified for the PCS2 Grand Final but are going to benefit from additional time to adapt their gameplan heading into Week One. Considering the sheer amount of firepower and experience on this roster, it’s tough not to like DUEL in a majority of their matchups.

  1. DODGE 
    Group Stage: 12th Place – 174 Points

After barely missing the cutoff to qualify for the PCS1 Grand Final back in May, Dodge announced a roster change ahead of the PCS2 NA Challenger Cup, where the team ultimately placed in second and secured their place in the PCS2 Group Stage. Dodge displayed moments of great potential during the Group Stage, particularly during Week 2 when the team claimed a nine-kill Chicken Dinner and finished as the sixth hottest team that week. Looking towards the Grand Final, Dodge can make a major improvement on their 12th Place Group Stage standing if they’re able to add a bit more consistency to their game. If they’re able to surround their wins with more top-eight placement matches, Dodge could crack into our top-eight easily.

    Group Stage: 8th Place – 191 Points

Having placed within the top-eight of the Group Stage, Illusion has seen significant improvements since the signing of veteran PUBG Esports player and PUBG Mobile coach, Adam “Adam” Didiano. Appearing more well rounded in their overall style of play, the team played well during team fights, positioned themselves into favorable late-game zones, and relied heavily on “Topdawg” to collect kills during the Group Stage.

This entire roster is extremely capable of making that “match-winning play” and is going to need a more even contribution in the Grand Final. Their steady drop in points over the three-week Group Stage isn’t necessarily a cause for concern, but it does factor into the Week One Power Rankings as we near the Grand Final.

    Group Stage: 14th Place – 161 Points

Number nine may surprise some of those that followed this team through the Group Stage, but Liberate displayed some promising signs heading into the Grand Final. Following their fourteenth placement during the previous stage, Liberate makes the biggest move in our Grand Final Week One Power Rankings for several reasons. First, the team got off to a rough start during Week One of the Group Stage, posting a lower Week One point total than any of their fellow Grand Final competitors.

Despite their slow start, the team managed to regroup and find back-to-back second-place matches to start Day 2. If either or both of those matches go in Liberate’s favor, the team closes Week One in a great spot and they quickly leapfrog a couple of teams. The team continued to improve over the next two weeks and even managed to accumulate Top-5 points during the final round of Group Stage action. It feels as though Liberate has slowly begun to find their footing in this PCS2 lobby, and that could mean for a great outing this week. When looking at their play during critic moments of the Group Stage, Liberate earns themselves a spot at number nine on this week’s Power Ranking.

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