by Ty Brody

Prior to the start of the PCS3 NA Grand Final this Thursday, let’s take another look at how the teams closed out the previous round to help build our opening week PCS3 NA Grand Final Power Ranking. We’ll be updating this list after each week of the Grand Final to keep track of which teams are moving in the right direction. This week, we’ll focus on how the teams ended the Group Stage and how their final-week performance could carry over into the Grand Final!

Starting from scratch, each of our sixteen teams will have twenty-four matches to piece together their championship run during the PCS3 Grand Final. If they’re going to make it happen, a solid start to Week 1 is usually an excellent place to start.

1. Soniqs

Second overall in the Group Stage, Soniqs were certainly the most consistent team throughout the previous round. Collecting more than 100 points in all three weeks of the Group Stage, the team’s performance made for a steady climb towards the top of the leaderboard. Heading into the Grand Final, Soniqs continues to fire on all cylinders as they aim to repeat as back-to-back PCS Champs. At times it’s tough to believe any team will be able to thwart the team in the Grand Final, yet, there are a handful of rivals that have attempted and had success in the past.

2. Oath

Oath was playing some of their best matches as the team wrapped up Week Three in the Group Stage. The deadly duo of “Snakers” and “Relo” once again led the team in Kills and Damage dealt, as “PATKAPS” and “Balefrost” played their part in the team’s strong third-place performance. Oath’s aggressive and high-speed playstyle promotes the team’s strength as a roster with many skilled fraggers. My hope is that we see the same Oath on Thursday as we did throughout the Group Stage because that’s the team I think has a chance to win the PCS3 Championship.

3. Shoot To Kill

Winners of the Group Stage once more, Shoot To Kill are aiming to improve from their most recent Grand Final appearance. After dominating the PCS2 Group Stage, the team got off to a slow start in the Grand Final but ultimately finished within the top-three. There is no denying that STK is one of the most proficient teams in PUBG Esports, and their ability to overcome any deficient was made clear in the final match of the team’s PCS1 Championship. The most important thing for this team is a strong start to the PCS3 Grand Final, once they’ve got their footing, I like this team against anyone.

4. Dodge

Dodge has continued to exceed expectations since Week One of the Group Stage, and they’ve yet to disappoint. Their three-week run through the Group Stage was one of the more consistent we’ve seen, which is always a positive sign heading into the best-of-twenty-four Grand Final. While the team’s point totals were strong and consistent, they’re not quite to the level of claiming the PCS3 NA Championship. Thankfully, the team has had some additional time to work with one another and prepare for this Thursday! When the action kicks off be sure to keep a close eye on Dodge and their journey up the leaderboard.

5. Zenith Esports

6. Illusion

Illusion closed out the Group Stage on a high note and will now benefit from a fresh start in the Grand Final, where they’ll aim to replicate some of their play from the previous round. If our Power Ranking is supposed to be about teams who are trending in the right direction, no team fits in better than Illusion at number six overall. Posting the third-highest point total of Week Three, Illusion will hopefully bring some of their energy into the Grand Final.


8. Team Veritas

9. Houston Hardshifts

10. Guadalajara Gascans

After an unfavorable Week Two in the Group Stage, the Guadalajara Gascans bounced back to finish the previous round with a 63 point run over the final ten matches. The Gascans are led into battle by the team’s leading fragger and IGL, “Honeybadger”, whose a dangerous player for anyone to run into on the battlegrounds. Heading into the Grand Final, it appears as though the pieces are there for this team but just haven’t been put together quite yet. Perhaps the Grand Final is when everything will come together.

11. Comets

12. Any Trolls In Chat

13. One Eye Open

The only one of our sixteen-team lobby to have not played in one of the previous two PCS events. One Eye Open is an interesting team that impressed at times during the Group Stage, however, the team avoided a run through the Challenger Cup by just eight points. The majority of the team’s challenges occurred early on during Week One of the Group Stage. From there, the team continued to improve from week to week and now have the opportunity to make a statement in the PCS3 Grand Final.

14. Tactical8

15. The Rumblers

If you aren’t familiar with the roster and only looked at their Group Stage standing, you may not know that The Rumblers are a far better team than their 13th Placement in the previous round indicates. The team is one of the most talented and tenured rosters in PCS and have reminded us throughout the PCS3 Group Stage. Thankfully, the team has qualified for the Grand Final despite a less-than-perfect placement in the previous round. The Rumblers now have a chance to reset and play the way we all know they’re capable of.

16. Fabled

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