by Ty Brody

Another week of the PCS3 NA Group Stage is in the books, setting the stage for a final week of action that determines the 16 teams moving on to the Grand Final. Looking over the standings, the final 15 matches of the Group Stage have the potential for some serious shifts at the Grand Final cutoff line as multiple teams are clustered together between the 14th to 18th ranking slots. While a spot in the Grand Final is all but official for a group of our top teams, the future of many PCS3 squads has yet to be decided.

During Week 2, each of the twenty-four teams added the next chapter to their PCS3 narrative as we crossed the halfway point of the Group Stage. Looking towards the third and final week of play, here is our Week Two Power Ranking for the PCS3 Group Stage.

1. Oath Gaming (166 PTS – 4TH PLACE)

Oath Gaming earned first-place in our Week 2 Power Ranking after an outstanding performance lifted the team into the top-five of the Group Stage. The team put together their best single-day outing of PCS3 on Sunday when they won the opening match with twelve kills and followed it up with a pair of second-place finishes, collecting at least ten kills in each match. The squad collected 56 points over that three-match series, which means Oath was averaging 18 points per round. The team seems to be their deadliest when they’re playing their style of PUBG, taking some risks that put “Snakers” and “Relo” in a position to make important plays. We saw the team make several high-flying plays during Week 2 that ultimately paid off, so hopefully, we see more of that during Week 3!

2. Soniqs (203 PTS – 2ND PLACE)

3. Zenith Esports (175 PTS – 3RD PLACE)

4. Shoot To Kill (234 PTS – 1ST PLACE)

Each of the top-four teams from our Week 2 Power Ranking followed a similar course over the last ten matches. Having said that, STK recorded the sixth-best total in points per match over the Week 2 schedule, placing them just behind their nearest competitors. Despite the team’s minuscule and expected return to earth following an incredible Week 1 showing, Shoot To Kill still effortlessly maintained their spot atop the PCS3 NA Group Stage leaderboard, carrying a 31-point lead on second heading into the final week.

5. Team Veritas (159 PTS – 5TH PLACE)

6. DUEL (137 PTS – 8TH PLACE)

7. Dodge (153 PTS – 7TH PLACE)

8. Illusion (115 PTS – 10TH PLACE)

Making the two-spot climb from their current tenth-place standing, Illusion played better and more consistently overall as a team during Week Two. While exceeding my expectations, and possibly their own, Illusion has shown that they’re capable of keeping pace with the top ten through two weeks of Group Stage play. If their game will carry over into the final week of the PCS3 Group Stage remains to be seen, but as of right now, Illusion has improved from week to week and could comfortably qualify for the Grand Final if they’re able to sustain this level of play.

9. Comets (121 PTS – 9TH PLACE)

10. The Rumblers (111 PTS – 12TH PLACE)

11. Houston Hardshifts (159 PTS – 6TH PLACE)

After a nearly flawless start to the Group Stage, the Houston Hardshifts have gradually slowed down since the team’s blistering start to the series. It’s possible that the team set the bar a bit too high with their absurd 82-point day performance during Week 1. The team remains in a great position to qualify for the Grand Final despite a rough 15-point day to close out Week 2. The team’s production has only deteriorated over the first 20 matches of the Group Stage, which may be a hint of complacency for a team that’s confident they’re moving on into the Grand Final. Either way, the team is almost surely poised for their bounce-back outing in Week 3.

12. One Eye Open (71 PTS – 19TH PLACE)

If we were to hand out a “Most Improved” award to a team for their play during Week 2, One Eye Open would be our winner. The team closed out Week 2 with 33 points across their five matches, almost doubling their Group Stage point total in one day. They’re currently in 19th with ten matches to jump ahead of a handful of rival teams. They’ve shown us that they’re capable of putting up 30+ points against this lobby of teams, which is what they’re going to need in Week 3 to find a spot in the Grand Final.

13. Virtue (91 PTS – 14TH PLACE)

14. Guadalajara Gascans (114 PTS – 11TH PLACE)

Hanging onto the eleventh-place position with ten matches to be played, the Guadalajara Gascans enter Week 3 coming off their toughest five-match stretch thus far. The team closed out Week 1 in sixth place and landed at #5 on our Week 1 Power Ranking. Unfortunately, Week 2 was much tougher on the Gascans as they managed to collect just ten points to close out the week. While the team’s spot in the Grand Final may not be in jeopardy, the Guadalajara Gascans could likely benefit from a ‘tune-up’ week to address any lingering concerns as a result of the team’s reasonably new roster before entering the PCS3 NA Grand Final.

15. Fabled (86 PTS – 15TH PLACE)

16. Tactical 8 (101 PTS – 13TH PLACE)

17. Any Trolls In Chat (86 PTS – 16TH PLACE)

Any Trolls In Chat was one of the premier teams of PCS2 and entered this new series as a favorite to return to the Grand Final. Twenty matches into the Group Stage with just one week to play, our fourth-place team from the PCS2 Grand Final currently rests on the cut-off line in sixteenth with any prospects of qualifying for the PCS3 Grand Final hovering in the balance. The dynamic duo of “Knorkis” and “Marcelek” has yet to produce similar results as PCS2, but the opportunity to secure their spot in the Grand Final is still in front of them.

18. Ascendence Esports (68 PTS – 20TH PLACE)

19. Liberate (61 POINTS – 22ND PLACE)

20. Team Clueless (64 PTS – 21ST PLACE)

21. San Diego Rarity (76 PTS – 18TH PLACE)

22. Pros Don’t Snake (49 POINTS – 24TH PLACE)

Pros Don’t Snake has remained towards the bottom of our leaderboard since the start of the PCS3 Group Stage. However, there was a recent bright spot for PDS when the team assembled a 25-point day to kick start Week Two. The team is currently 37 points outside of the Grand Final cut-off, but still, has an opportunity to climb the leaderboard and sneak into the next round with an excellent final week performance.

23. Elus1ve (57 PTS – 23RD PLACE)

24. Gravity (80 PTS – 17TH PLACE)

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