by Ty Brody

It’s time for more high-flying PUBG Esports action once again! The PCS5 Americas Grand Final has arrived and sixteen of the region’s most accomplished teams have fought their way to this stage of the event. A particularly significant tournament heightened by its global championship implications, the PCS5 Americas Grand Final will seal the fate of many teams, for this season at least.

Competing for $250,000 USD and PGC Points over the next three weeks, the pressure will continue to mount as we approach game time. All season long the PUBG Continental Series has produced exciting and unforgettable moments and PCS5 is sure to continue that trend and end with an exclamation point.

As expected, much of the talk surrounding the PCS5 Americas Grand Final concerns PUBG Esports’ upcoming event – the PUBG Global Championship. It’s important that we analyze, dissect, and give this event every second of our full attention. That being said, PGC 2021 is naturally making its way to the forefront of everyone’s mind, and can you really blame them?

In my opinion, this has to be the most exciting part of the season. Sort of like an ‘eve’ to a major holiday that has you counting down the days until. One final PUBG Continental Series will determine the six teams representing the Americas region on the international stage – going up against some of the best teams from all over the world. This prize pool alone would be enough to draw out the greatest performances from the strongest teams, toss in some limited invites to PUBG Esports’ biggest event of the season, and you’ve got must-watch action.

Many of the region’s most prominent names will drop into the battlegrounds this week, including some defending PCS Champions aiming to defend their title. Among the competitors are ten teams from North America and six from Latin America – all loaded with talent and experience looking to make their PGC dreams come true.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. Once again, the Soniqs appear to be the team to beat. A subpar ESL PUBG Masters performance is FAR behind the team and a terrific showcase in the NA Group Stage erased any doubt concerning the Soniqs we know and love. Somehow, the team found new ways to impress, even when leading by numerous Chicken Dinners. It’s incredible to watch a team like the Soniqs breeze through opponents while unpredictable hurdles are thrown at them.

If the Group Stage is any indication of the play we’ll see when the PCS5 Americas Grand Final begins, make sure to keep an eye on Oath. The ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Final Champions followed up their title run with a strong showing in the PCS5 NA Group Stage. Kickstart, Sneakers, Relo, and Balefrost appear to have hit another stride recently and the results are beginning to show that. PCS5 Americas Grand Final could be their chance to cement themselves on top of the region heading into the PUBG Global Championship. It’s much easier said than done, but perhaps the team’s best performances have yet to occur.

It wouldn’t be a preview of the Americas Grand Final without mentioning a few more notable teams at large. TSM FTX, Spacestation Gaming, and Dignitas have bounced back from their journey through the Last Chance Qualifier. Along with the potential dark horse team of the event, Three Hundred, the four teams avoided elimination with clutch plays in the high-stakes shortened format of the LCQ.

I’d be remiss to skip over the LATAM teams who surprised viewers with their play in the last Americas Grand Final. FIUMBA and Young Kings will each be a team worth watching from the Latin America sub-region. Szylzen and Dr4ftKing were phenomenal in the PCS5 LA Group Stage, collecting 37 and 43 Kills respectively over a twenty-match schedule.

Making another appearance on the Americas’ big stage, Trogloditas enter the PCS5 Americas Grand Final with plenty of experience against their North American counterparts. Rustyzera and Exces led the team in Kills during the LA Group Stage, and are primed for another big performance against a tougher lobby.


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