PUBG Esports Americas – Midseason Power Rankings Pt. 2


by PUBG Esports

Part II of our Midseason Power Rankings features six teams ranked between 5-10 and this section puts North American squads in the limelight. Some of these teams could bring the heat in the PCS6 Grand Final, although they’ll have to pull out something special in order to upend their opponents at the very top of the list. Each squad within this section has performed well enough in recent tournaments, even if a few circles didn’t go their way. 

All sixteen teams here will be competing in the PCS6 Grand Final from April 15th to 24th where Latin American and North American squads will fight it out for a chunk of a $250,000 prize pool. We can’t wait to see who gets to chow down on a chicken dinner. 

10. 22 Esports

One chicken dinner, six top 4 finishes, 60 kills and experience at ESL PUBG Masters makes 22 Esports one of the best Latin American teams heading into PCS6. Portuguese player Daniel “HazeteN” Elias has an impressive resume playing across European tournaments – let’s see if he can help get this squad to PUBG glory. 

9. Team Dodge

Usually when someone tells you to get out of Dodge, they don’t mean come back with a first place finish during the Last Chance Qualifier after floundering in the Regional Playoff. Team Dodge has a relatively new roster with Ethan Comer and James “Hikerman” Dunsford joining earlier this year, but they’ve shown that they are anything but green around the gills. We’ll see if they can keep their hot streak going during the Grand Final. 

8. 300

This mixture of Englishmen and Americans has put up some impressive numbers over the last few weeks, but they’ve shown similar trends in the past only to come up short. The team placed tenth in the PCS5 Grand Final after crushing the Last Chance Qualifier last year. They’ve already made strides by qualifying through the Regional Playoff in 2022, although they have a long way to go before reaching the success they crave. 

7. Soniqs

Soniqs barely missed the cut off for making the PCS6 Americas Grand Final during the Regional Playoff, but easily made up for that by putting up 73 kills during the Last Chance Qualifier. This team has dominated the competitive world of PUBG over the last two years and could easily do the same this year. Who knows? Maybe they shook off any rust they were carrying during the Last Chance Qualifier and Regional Playoff.

6. Shoot to Kill

Shoot to Kill could easily be one of the top teams in North America heading into PCS6. The three Americans, including Kurtis “Purdy” Bond, Andrew “Pentalol” Franco and Aaron “aLOW” Lommen, and Australia’s Luke “luke12” Newey are longtime PUBG veterans who have been around Miramar tens of thousands of times. This squad came up short by placing second at ESL PUBG Masters and then fell even further during the Regional Playoff. There is no seeding for the Grand Final, though. Everyone starts on the same playing field, giving Shoot to Kill a chance to come in guns blazing after finishing 5th in the Playoff. 

5. A Creche

Latin America’s only entry into the top five. There is no doubting this team of Brazilians after they racked up a combined 93 kills, the highest amount of kills by a team across all of the Regional Playoffs. This team, including standout player Iago “kyshenn” Felipe Alves Da Luz, has been on an upward trajectory since PCS4 and has proven that they have the ability to knock some of their North American rivals off their podiums. 

A Creche emerged from the Latin America Regional Playoff with a single chicken dinner. They’ll need to figure out how to turn their three placements within the top 4 into wins if they want more than a little white meat. Chicken tastes much better after taking home a first place trophy, after all.

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Editors Note:  These Power Rankings are created and determined by one individual’s subjective observations and review of the competition data.  They do not reflect the view of Krafton and/or PUBG Esports.

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