PUBG Esports Americas – Midseason Power Rankings Pt. 3


by PUBG Esports

The final section of our Mid-season power rankings includes the five teams who finished top 4 in the PUBG Continental Series 6 Americas Grand Final. We’ve got Canadians, Americans, Brazilians and even a Portuguese player filling out squads that have done little but impress everyone in the Americas community. 

Our eyes will be on these squads when they meet again, either during ESL PUBG Masters Americas Phase 2 in July and the PUBG Continental Series 7 later this year. 

5. 22 Esports

22 Esports now has some of the top PUBG talent in the Americas on their squad. This Brazilian and Portuguese team finished 5th in the PCS6 Americas Grand Final and Erick “Haven” Aguiar helped Team Brazil place third at the PUBG Nations Cup in Thailand. We knew they would do well – but it’s safe to say our expectations were blown out of the water after this team finished within the top three for all three of the Grand Final’s opening matches. 

4. Wildcard

59 points off of first place during the PCS6 Americas Grand Final and one bout of bad food poisoning away from a completely different performance at the PUBG Nations Cup. Wildcard had an impressive performance against their counterparts in the Americas, but Team Canada’s 13th place finish at the PUBG Nations Cup will certainly have Adam “Adam” Didiano putting it all on the line at the next tournament. 

3. eUnited

eUnited began 2022 on the highest note possible,  but Lachlan “Fludd” Thompson will surely wish the music had kept playing throughout the final matches of the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. This team played aggressively, but no one could keep pace with Soniqs as they gained a huge lead. Fludd’s performance as part of Team Australia at the PUBG Nations Cup was impressive, even if it’s mainly more fuel for his motivation at future tournaments. 

2. Yaho

Pedro “sparkingg” Ribeiro, Yaho’s shining star, is truly a Brazilian wonder. He earned the PUBG Nations Cup MVP spot for Team Brazil by playing out of his mind during the PCS6 Grand Final. He then led Team Brazil to a third place finish in Thailand. His skill could help Yaho take the crown from Soniqs later this year. 

1. Soniqs

We should have known better as to doubt Soniqs in the leadup to the PCS6 Americas Grand Final. The team that had to scrape by and get into the PCS6 Americas Grand Final built a near 40 point lead in the final hours of the tournament, blowing away the rest of the competition. There is no doubt that this team is the best in the Americas, even if Tristan “Shrimzy” Nowicki and Hunter “hwinn” Winn fell short at the PUBG Nations Cup as part of Team USA. 


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