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This team is the master of ESL Masters, the terror of the PUBG Continental Series and an all around talented group of individuals. 

Lachlan “Fludd” Thompson, Noah “Relo” Jenkins, Matt “Kickstart” Smith and Jake “Snakers” Winant make up a eUnited squad that has laid down the battle royale law in 2022. They are one of America’s teams heading to the PUBG Global Championship (PGC).

How did eUnited get to PGC 2022?

This roster officially came together in February of 2022. Three of its members fought together under the same previous banner, Oath Gaming. Snakers and Relo go even further back as they began competing together in 2020. Kickstart joined the year after, followed by Fludd a year later. 

Some chemistry must have been built up over those previous years as eUnited kicked off 2022 with a bang.

Relo, Kickstart and Snakers placed first in ESL Masters Phase 2 in 2021 and in the PUBG Continental Series 5. Winning the first event in 2022 sent a statement to the rest of the PUBG community that eUnited was one of the teams to beat. 

Despite earning 147 kills during the PUBG Continental Series 6: Americas, eUnited would place fourth in 2022’s next major tournament. An admirable placement, but not exactly what Snakers and company were aiming at. 

eUnited at the PUBG Nations Cup

Two members of eUnited would answer the call to join their countrymen in Thailand to compete in the second official PUBG Nations Cup. Kickstart helped Team USA reach 9th place while Fludd finished 7th alongside the rest of Team Australia. Kickstart was not satisfied with his performance. 

Kickstart came through on that promise. He helped lead eUnited to another first place finish at ESL Masters Phase 2. The hot streak wouldn’t end there, either. This squad had another stellar performance at the PUBG Continental Series 7: Americas, falling only to Soniqs in an incredible second place finish. 

eUnited heads into Dubai with an impressive 2022 resume. This squad is a favorite for PGC from the Americas, but this is the first time this year we’ll see global play with normal rosters. Who knows how it’ll all shake out. All we know is that we’ll be keeping a special eye on Kickstart and his crew. 

Where to watch the PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so be sure to stay tuned for all the updates leading up to the tournament. Looking for info on the other Americas teams heading to Dubai? Check out our articles on YAHO and Luminosity Gaming. 

The PUBG Global Championship will run from Nov.1 – Nov. 20 with a $2,000,000 prize pool. More prize money will be added through the sale of in-game PGC 2022 items. The final prize pool amount will be confirmed closer to the tournament’s start date. Check out all the current tournament info here!

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