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These troublemakers enter the PUBG Global Championship with the third highest number of PGC points from the Americas region. Wildcard Gaming could very well live up to their organization’s name in Dubai. 

Adam Didiano, Gregorio “GregShotGG” Jardin, Nico “Nicoos” Galanakis, and Nathan “Ykikamucoww” Lynham are hoping to impress at the PGC next month in November. This team previously performed under the Gascans banner before joining Wildcard Gaming in May. 

Wildcard Gaming’s road to PGC

Wildcard Gaming heads into the final competitive PUBG event of the season with a stable of impressive performances in 2022. The amount of PGC points this team has may be deceiving as the gap between them, eUnited and Soniqs is not nearly as big as the point breakdown makes it seem. 

Adam and company began the year with a bang. This squad placed second behind eUnited while playing under the Gascans banner. A separate squad was playing under the Wildcard Gaming banner during this event and the next, but they did not qualify for either Grand Final. 

Wildcard Gaming (as Gascans) would impress again during the PUBG Continental Series 6 a month later. This team finished third in both the North American Regional Playoff and Grand Final. Wildcard Gaming (as Gascans) finished with 230 points, barely beating out eUnited’s 226. 

Wildcard Gaming officially picked up all four players from the Gascans less than a month after PCS6. This squad was too talented to continue unsigned. 

Wildcard Gaming at the PUBG Nations Cup

Adam served as Wildcard Gaming’s sole representative at the 2022 PUBG Nations Cup. He found his way to Thailand as a representative of Team Canada. The Great White North squad finished 13th, although Adam wasn’t able to compete in a portion of the tournament due to severe food poisoning

The Final Push

The team’s first official tournament as a part of Wildcard Gaming wasn’t what they had hoped for. The squad finished sixth during the ESL Masters Phase 2 North American Regional Playoff and Grand Final. The placement earned them 70 PGC points. 

It seemed like Wildcard Gaming would bounce back after finishing second in the North American Regional Playoff for the PUBG Continental Series 7, but the team fell to sixth place in the Grand Final once again. GregShotGG didn’t perform as well as he had hoped, but the team still accomplished their overall goal.

Where to watch the PUBG Global Championship

The PUBG Global Championship is the final major tournament of 2022, so be sure to stay tuned for all the updates leading up to the tournament. Looking for info on the other Americas teams heading to Dubai? Check out our articles on YAHO, eUnited, Soniqs, 22 Esports, and Luminosity Gaming. 

The PUBG Global Championship will run from Nov.1 – Nov. 20 with a $2,000,000 prize pool. More prize money will be added through the sale of in-game PGC 2022 items. The final prize pool amount will be confirmed closer to the tournament’s start date. Check out all the current tournament info here!

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