by Ty Brody

Well, we could not have asked for a better finish to PUBG Esports’ biggest event. The sixth and final weekend of PGI.S delivered our most thrilling series of matches yet, as we closed out the tournament on a high note. After an outstanding performance in the final match of Weekly Final #6, Soniqs rose to the occasion to collect twelve kills and secure the top spot. As winners of Weekly Final #6, the Soniqs also secured the first-place position of PGI.S with the most prize money of any team in attendance. It was announced on Sunday that the eventual total prize pool had surpassed $7,000,000 USD overall. Spectacular performances were on display, our tournament champions were crowned, and the excitement surrounding one region, in particular, will continue on into regional play in the months that follow.

After nearly three months in Korea, the world’s greatest teams are finally returning home. I’m sure varying levels of satisfaction based on their final result accompany them, but we’ve played a lot of PUBG over the past few weeks and their performances deserve all of the praise. While everyone experienced and appreciated the spectacle that was PGI.S – each team departed for home with their own assessment on how the event went for them. Regardless of final placement, PGI.S showcased the skill of PUBG Esports’ best from around the globe, which is an important aspect to remember when analyzing results. Some teams may have ‘surprised’ or ‘underperformed’ throughout the tournament, but don’t forget that it was against the best teams this esport has to offer.


Let’s be honest. Was there any doubt that this team had the potential to win the whole thing at PGI.S? I know there were a few who didn’t pick them heading into the final weekend, but the Soniqs entered this event as North America’s number one team following back-to-back PCS Championships to close out last season. The team’s play while adapting to the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner format in the Weekly Survival may have concerned fans, but everyone knew that the Soniqs’ best games were still ahead of them. It was also no secret that the prize money would gradually increase each week, with the biggest prizes being awarded on the final weekend. That’s exactly when this team came alive.

The Soniqs’ Match 2 victory on Day One showcased what makes them one of the elite squads throughout PUBG Esports. Holding the high ground above the Soniqs, TGLTN moved into a position underneath T1 to provide an off-angle in case they pushed down the hillside. It’s a smart decision offensively, but he’s also closer to the center-point of the circle in this position. Before TGLTN can even provide the surprise shot onto T1, his teammate M1ME, who was playing as the team’s anchor behind a shack against the blue zone, knocks two members and almost wins this fight singlehandedly. Despite T1 having full knowledge of where one of the two enemy players were, M1ME knocks two members and seals this win for Soniqs.

Ironically, in the final match that ultimately carried Soniqs beyond Four Angry Men and into first place, it was SQ that delivered the final blow to 4AM. After winning back-to-back games in the two matches prior, 4AM entered the final match in the first-place position. With some additional help from STK and FaZe Clan, Soniqs landed the final grenade to eliminate 4AM from the first-place discussion and extended their lead.

The Soniqs have proven themselves to be the greatest team in PUBG Esports at this time. It’s going to rub some people the wrong way, especially those who can’t handle a North American team at the top of global rankings, but it’s a fact. Every single team was faced with an unconventional scoring format at this event, and the best teams found a way to adapt and perform when it mattered most. So if you’re going to use that as an excuse as to why your favorite team didn’t perform to your expectation, remember that it was a hurdle for all thirty-two teams.

Most importantly, I want to congratulate the entire Soniqs team for their success at this event. Not just the players that we’re all familiar with, but their coach ‘Syllogic’ and their owner Darren ‘Tribizzle’ Moore, who has supported this team and the PUBG Esports scene tremendously. They represented the Americas region as well as possible, and are bringing home the first major title to North America in PUBG Esports history.


To stick with our North American theme, Zenith Esports had another fantastic performance in the most important Weekly Final of the event. After the news broke that the team’s current in-game leader ‘Roth’ would be exploring his options following this event, speculation surrounding the timing of his announcement, and the potential ripple effects it could have on the team, filled our timeline.

However, the week following his announcement Zenith Esports would go on to win Weekly Final #4, claiming a generous $349,822 USD. Their success continued and showed up again this past weekend, when Zenith secured the second-place position behind Soniqs, raising their total PGI.S prize money north of $1,000,000 USD.

Match 3 and the sixteen kills Zenith gathered were a major benefactor to the team’s overall success this past weekend. The chaotic final zone just South of Yasnaya’s apartments played into the favor of Zenith, who picked apart teams from their high ground.

The team wouldn’t win this match, but their ability to collect points via kills established them atop the leaderboard three matches into the final. Obviously, the team wouldn’t have secured the second-place finish without a significant point match like this.


Two teams with some history at PGI.S already, FaZe Clan and Shoot To Kill clashed in Phase 9 of Match 4. The two teams had collected a handful of kills and were hoping to jump up in the standings with their first win of the final. This team fight took place on one of the most difficult areas to maneuver and added another level of difficulty to an already intense final skirmish.

FaZe Clan already had a one-player advantage and would pick up to first two knocks onto STK. This presented the team with an opportunity to earn their Chicken Dinner – FaZe didn’t waste any time. Great shots with an SLR from ‘Aitzy’ found the first knock, with a grenade and spray from ‘Ubah’ knocking the next. FaZe Clan finished this match with six kills and jumped up the leaderboard in to fourth place.


After winning Weekly Final #5 and adding $800,000 USD to their total PGI.S prize pool, Gen.G suffered their worst Weekly Final outing of the entire tournament. The team’s performance over the weekend looked nothing like what we saw coming into the final. Gen.G came into the last weekend with favorable odds of being crowned the PGI.S Champion. The team needed to finish in first or second to take home the title thanks to their Week Five win.

During the final match, with Gen.G well out of reach of the first-place position. ‘Loki’ left us with one more incredible highlight before the team made their exit from the PGI.S stage. With Buriram United Esports driving in rotation, ‘Loki’ knocked all four members from their vehicles in one of the cleanest team-wipes we’ve seen.

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