by Ty Brody

Spacestation Gaming has announced its return to PUBG Esports with the roster signing of Spicy Fish. Following a nearly eighteen-month long hiatus from the competitive scene, one of the former National PUBG League organizations has set its sights on the PCS4 title with a new squad. The team’s active roster consists of Dylan “Roth” Short, Timothy “Uncivil” Ebarb, Daniel “Sharpshot” Hernandez, Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse, and their coach, Seth “Woo1y” Little. The team will make their debut as Spacestation Gaming when the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals begin on June 10th following a strong performance in the group stage two weeks prior.

While competing as Spicy Fish, this team placed second in the ESL PUBG Masters Americas Grand Finals, their first event as a recently formed squad. They recently earned an invite to the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals with a fifth-place finish in the North American Group Stage. While this particular roster was competing under a relatively new name in Spicy Fish, the players themselves are some of the most experienced and talented players in the entire region.

We are excited to return to PUBG with the Spicy Fish roster for the upcoming season. We have a rooted history in the scene dating back to its grassroots, competing in multiple LAN events and tournaments around the world. PUBG has always had a special place in our hearts and we could not be more excited to watch our team drop into Erangel and Miramar once again.”

– Shawn Pellern, Co-Owner/GM of SSG.

The team’s in-game leader “Roth” began his season in Korea at the PUBG Global Invitational.S where he earned a $1Million paycheck as a member of Zenith Esports playing against the best teams in the world. His experience at that event in a similar format should lend itself to the team’s upcoming challenge in the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals. In theory, that should also be extended to “Uncivil” and “Sharpshot”, who were also present in Korea to begin their season surrounded by the best players in PUBG Esports. Prior to that, both players have proven themselves while members of other predominant North American teams. Additionally, “Keenan” adds his lengthy resume of experience to the roster dating back to the days of NPL, as well as, all three PCS Phases last season. Operating behind the scenes, “Woo1y” took over the coaching role before their debut in the ESL PUBG Masters where the team placed in second, only behind TSM, in their first event as a recently formed squad.

The return of Spacestation Gaming with the pickup of one of the highest performing Americas teams, Spicy Fish, gives us all a lot to look forward to at the upcoming PCS4 Americas Grand Final. As a team, Roth, Sharpshot4k, Keenan, Uncivil, and Woo1y have already proven they can compete at the top of the region. The support from SSG could be exactly what they need to claim their first major championship.”

– Everett Coleman, Head of Esports, PUBG Americas

Spacestation Gaming’s success quickly validated the high expectations that have been wrapped around this team since their original announcement of this four-man roster. One that’s loaded with skill and experience, coached by a former player who is able to speak from his own personal experience competing at the highest level of PUBG Esports. Looking ahead, Spacestation Gaming will enter the PCS4 Americas Grand Finals as a top contender aiming to bounce the region’s strongest teams.

The current Spacestation Gaming roster:

  • Dylan “Roth” Short
  • Timothy “Uncivil” Ebarb
  • Daniel “Sharpshot” Hernandez
  • Jeremy “Keenan” Traverse
  • Coach: Seth “Woo1y” Little
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