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Hello PUBG Esports fans! 

PUBG esports finale of the year, PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 is soon approaching!

32 teams from four different regions that have gone through a year-long of fierce competition have finally made their way to the final battlegrounds to battle out the global number one team.

Read on for full details of the tournament and more

PGC 2021 Tournament Structure

The PUBG Global Championship (PGC 2021) will begin its journey with a Rank decision match on Nov 19th and ending with a Grand Final ending on Dec 19th. Just like PGI.S earlier this year, PGC 2021 will be a LAN/Online hybrid tournament. The 32 qualified teams from around the globe will be invited to Paradise City in Incheon, Korea to compete for a prize pool of over 2 Million USD. Teams will also benefit from the sales of PGC store items, with 30% of the profit being added into the event prize pool. 

Now, let’s get into the details of the tournament structure.

Tournament Structure

Rank Decision

PGC 2021 starts with Rank Decision matches on Nov 19th as teams fight for entry positions 1st through 32nd for the upcoming Weekly Survival.

Prior to the Rank Decision matches, teams will be divided into four groups. Group selection will take place once teams invited to Korea have completed their quarantine. The results will be announced via the PUBG Esports website approximately a week before the Rank Decision.

After the group selection, teams will go through a full league to compete with other groups for 3 days, 6 matches per day. Based on the outcomes of the Rank Decision, teams will be lined up from 1st to 32nd to prepare for the Weekly Survival series.

Weekly Series: Weekly Survival & Weekly Final & BOTTOM 16

Weekly Survival

Now things get serious.

Weekly Survival matches are 16 matches played over 3 days. The objective here will be to battle against 16 teams and become the last team standing. Each match, the team which wins the Chicken Dinner will advance through to the Weekly Finals. The remaining 15 teams will be joined by the next team from the BOTTOM 16 list and another match begins until all 16 slots are all filled in the Weekly Finals.

*As an exception, Weekly Survival matches and the Grand Survival will feature WWCD format and not use SUPER Point Rule.

Weekly Final

The 16 winners of the Weekly Survival matches will compete in a 10 match tournament over the weekend. 

Here, the tournament will follow the traditional PUBG Esports tournament structure and SUPER Point Rule. Teams will be competing to earn points which will be crucial for advancing onto the Grand Finals.

  • The winner of each Weekly Final will be granted with GUARANTEED slot at Grand Final
  • The winner of each Weekly Final will be granted with a special Weekly Winner prize of $30,000.


The remaining 16 teams which failed to advance onto the Weekly Finals will compete in the BOTTOM 16 matches which take place on the upcoming Monday, after the Weekly Final.

  • The BOTTOM 16 is composed of a total of 6 matches to determine the next lineup for next week’s waiting list for Weekly Survival.

The Grand Final & Grand Survival

Last but not least, the Grand Finals. Top 16 battle-hardened veterans will be pushed to their limits in the final battle for the PGC throne.

Winner of Weekly Finals

  • The winner of each Weekly Finals (3 teams) will earn a slot at Grand Final

Top 9 teams 

  • The top 9 teams with the highest overall points from the Weekly Finals will advance to the Grand Finals
    • If the same team manages to win more than a week, the next team in line will advance to the Grand Finals.
    • E.g. Team A wins W1 & W2 → Top 10 teams will advance to Grand Finals

The Grand Survival

A day before the Grand Finals, Grand Survival will be held with the remaining 19 teams, excluding the teams already qualified for the Grand Finals, to select the winners of the remaining seats.

  • Grand Survival consists of 4 matches
  • The winner of each match will secure their spot in the Grand Finals.

*As an exception, only the Weekly Survival matches and the Grand Survival will feature WWCD format and not use SUPER Point Rule.

The Grand Final

The 16 teams successfully advanced to the Grand Finals will be challenged to compete in the final battle to claim the throne. 

  • The Grand Final will take place over 3 days with 5 matches per day.
  • PGC 2021 final rankings will be decided based on the final placements from the Grand Final
  • Remaining teams that have failed to advance to the Grand Final will be ranked based on their accumulated points from Weekly Finals.

Prize Pool 

The total prize pool of the PGC 2021 starts with 2 Million USD which will be distributed by the participating teams final results of the tournament. Similar to previous events, 30% of all PGC 2021 item sales contribute towards the total prize pool via crowdfunding.

Special Prizes

  • Weekly Series Winner ($30,000 per Week)
  • KILL LEADER ($10,000)
    • Prize granted to the player with the most kills
    • Prize will be distributed evenly in the case of a tie
  • ALL-PGC TEAM ($20,000)
    • Prize granted to the 4 best performing players in the Series ($5,000 per player)
  • INSANE SQUAD ($20,000)
    • Prize granted to the team which showed the most impressive moment in the tournament

PGC 2021 Item sales profits

All participating teams will benefit from 30% of the profits earned from the sale of PGC 2021 store items. Profits will be distributed to the teams based on their final tournament rank. Picking up some PGC 2021 exclusive gear will not only help support your favorite teams directly, but also will provide you with voting coupons for the upcoming Pick’em Challenge. More information on PGC 2021 Pick’em Challenge will be available soon!

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