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The PUBG Continental Series is not for the faint of heart. Rising through the ranks, grenade over the grenade, shot over shot takes tenacity, game sense, and a cool-under-pressure attitude. In the midst of all the molotovs and gunfire, we’ve decided to dive into exactly what makes a PUBG champion!

Over the span of PCS 1 and 2, we’ve seen hundreds of players get burned while only a handful carry the Championship title home from Erangel and Miramar. By analyzing our PEPS+ player data from crowned Championship squads and considering the sheer caliber of skill witnessed so far in PCS, we hope to pull off the Championship veil!

Game Sense

It goes without saying – game sense encapsulates all things meta. It’s your mind coordinating with the very inputs that determine your fate in the ring. From positioning to proper weapon usage to throwing down smoke for cover to accuracy, without practicing game sense you’re not getting anywhere.

After analyzing North America’s TGLTN on Team Soniqs, it’s clear to see why he’s such a strong contender in the ring. TGLTN focuses on dropping center in the circle, playing offensive utilizing powerful meta loadout to cover both short and long-distance plays. Without a strong game sense, TGLTN’s effectiveness would take a huge L. 

Catch TGLTN in action during PCS2!

Mastering the Technical

Easier said than done – mastering PUBG physics, weapon recoil, vehicle performance, and map awareness is key to joining the PUBG Champion’s circuit.

Three of the four PCS2 Championship teams exhibited strong offensive strategy. According to PCS2’s PEPS+ breakdown, virtually all series champions had their “Finishing” statistic over 50 points. In this case, Finishing measures how adept a player is at downing enemies and securing kills. What that teaches us is to secure those downs, ladies and gentlemen. When you shoot, shoot to kill! 

Team Play

“Communication is key,” is something we’ve heard time and time again. In the fight to the top of PUBG rankings though, that saying couldn’t ring more true. Voice chat goes hand in hand with securing the position, pushing a location, and covering each other’s corners. A team’s ability to flank or converge on a point, especially under pressure, will take the team to the next level. Be aware of your location on the map as much as you’re aware of your teammates’ location.

The final moments of Team Triumphant Song Gaming’s Voice Chat during the last match of PCS2 ASIA leading up to their clutch championship highlights listening, urgency, support, and staying cool under pressure.


Sometimes you play your cards right, but sometimes the circle rotates north or that grenade accidentally bounces off a post into your teammate’s lap. For “champions-to-be” who are dealing with lucky or unlucky moments, it’s important to remember – luck can be influenced by skill. Here is where you shine and your clutch instinct comes into play to better the hand dealt with you and your teammates.

Imagine the panic that might set in when the ring decides its last instances of positioning. Instinct kicks in as you combine technical and teamwork abilities to capitalize on the small percentage of prime Erangel real estate!

PCS3 is Around the Corner!

PEPS+ breakdowns for PCS1 and PCS2 are available below. Will our next Champions rise through the ashes and reframe our idea of What Makes a Champion?

Stay tuned post-PCS3 Qualifiers and join us as we enter the Finals to crown the next Champions in the PUBG Continental Series!

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